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The Castle MetroFlex Gym

  • 5501 Thelin Street #125
  • Fort Worth, TX 76115
  • Region: Southeast Fort Worth & Historic Southside
  • Phone: (817) 891-6261

Rendy and Christine are owners of the world famous MetroFlex Gym-Ft Worth, aka The Castle. The Castle is the largest MetroFlex and The Worlds Largest Hardcore Training Facility with 50,000 square feet. They have a Boxing and an MMA school on site. They also have Strongman, Olympic and Powerlifting lifting areas, cardio equipment and a running trail. We have various strongman implements for you to test your strength with. We also have numerous specialty bars for powerlifting, strongman and Olympic lifting as well as 2,000 kilos in kilo plates. We have several personal trainers specializing in general fitness, weight loss, powerlifting, strongman, sport specific training as well as contest prep coaching!