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  • 3523 McKinney Avenue #267
  • Dallas, TX 75204
  • Region: Regional (DFW/Texas area)
  • Phone: (214) 208-2974

Tessa Todd Morgan founded TRIESSENCE to help individuals and members of organizations to learn about and achieve the perfect balance among the three essential elements of everyone’s true essence—physical, mental and spiritual. This balance represents the full expression of anyone’s true potential, and can result in an increase in happiness and success, a more fulfilling professional life, better relationships, and improved health. Through professional speaking engagements, individual coaching and teaching yoga, Tessa customizes the messages of TRIESSENCE to reach audiences in ways that allow them to make immediate use of the tools and techniques that have been proven to help find a healthy balance among their physical, mental and spiritual lives. Tessa’s programs are guaranteed to provide attendees with tools and strategies for maintaining a mindful approach to every situation. They are useful for any organization that is committed to providing practical, effective resources for its members or employees in the interest of their health, happiness and productivity.