From resident recycling programs to water conservation initiatives and a highly utilized bike share program, Fort Worth is actively working toward becoming a green city. Our goal is to provide meeting planners, event attendees and all other visitors to the city with an environmentally friendly experience. Being an environmentally responsible city means making our facilities energy-conscious to reduce energy consumption and using local produce whenever possible to reduce our carbon footprint.

At the Fort Worth Convention Center (FWCC), significant strides have been made toward reducing the environmental impact of the meetings. In 2012 the FWCC was awarded Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) Certified Level status by the U.S. Green Building Council.

  • Concerted efforts have been made to replace all less-efficient lighting fixtures with new energy-efficient lighting and have made corrections to our HVAC system to improve efficiency.
  • We make an effort to work with vendors that make energy conscious, environmentally responsible decisions in their operations.
  • Throughout the center bins are located throughout the facility to collect beverage, food and other liquid containers composed of polyester-based PETE and petroleum-based HDPE recyclables, in addition to standard recycling bins for paper, glass and aluminum.

The Fort Worth Convention Center staff is trained in green operating policies that reduce energy consumption, such as turning lights off and closing overhead doors-simple things that make a big impact. Our vehicles and equipment at the facility are increasingly propane-powered, resulting in lower utility consumption.

Becoming a green city is a cooperative effort, and Fort Worth hotels are an important part of our ongoing energy conservation efforts. Many hotels have implemented strict recycling programs for waste, water and other materials. Motion-sensitive lighting and energy-efficient thermostats are also being used in eco-conscious hotels across Fort Worth. Some hotels are even cultivating rooftop gardens to conserve building energy, filter rainwater and lower temperatures in the summer.

Interested in green volunteer opportunities for your group? Ask your convention sales or services rep how you can give back to the community.

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