At the core of Fifteen, the third studio album from Green River Ordinance, is a simple message: hold fast to the things that are true. On album opener "Keep Your Cool," over slow, smoky guitars and a clear, bright church organ they advise, "Get your head out the clouds/ feet on the ground/ pride don't mean you gotta be too proud." If there's a single lyric that sums up the way Green River Ordinance have conducted themselves over the course of the last decade and a half, that's it - no matter what's going on around you, remember to stay grounded and focus on the things that are important. "We're at our best when we're challenging ourselves about why we're doing what we do," explains frontman Josh Jenkins. "The purpose can't be to sell a bunch of records - it has to be about something more." 


It is but a few times in a generation that an artist comes along with the potential to reflect so honestly the human condition. Such a calling requires a humility and self-awareness that seldom find an artist until late in his career, when he's turned the corner from idealistic to philosophical. Often young singer-songwriters aspire to draw a picture with words, a melodic expression of the visual, hoping to capture a single meaningful moment in time. Luke aspires to capture our journey through it - and his sophomore album, "The River", speaks to a brilliant departure on that journey.  


Grady Spencer and the Work meld together the grit of the old-time blues with the blood-red soil of classic country to forge a well-worn hammer of modern music. Their high energy shows keep people thirsty, rowdy, and always ready for more. The Work, from time to time, can be found riding around in what has been deemed "Jean-Claude Van Dam", an iconic and stately Econovan, to criss and cross all over the Southern United States. Their shows have been described as "unmissable" by more than one late night drinker...and they always know everything about everything. 


Jake Paleschic is a Fort Worth, TX songwriter on the dark and heavy side of alt-country.  He and his band of roots rockers are currently supporting their debut record, Again, At Last, which Texas Music referred to as "one of the bigger sonic surprises of 2015."  Paleschic approaches songwriting with considerable insight, pushing either toward the place where it hurts or the point of highest pleasure, and casting it over a landscape of fuzzed-out, electric, finger-picked grooves.  For fans of Tom Petty and Kurt Vile.  


R&B singer-songwriter Reagan James, thrust into the national spotlight in 2014 as a Top 10 artist on NBC's The Voice combines soulful melody with contagious beats in her growing catalog of original music. Her latest independent studio release "Have a Nice Day" (January 2016) reached no. 24 on the iTunes R&B/Soul chart and serves as yet another striking exhibition of James' lyrical prowess and melodic genius. Don't miss the opportunity to catch a live show with this emerging artist, and see why multi-platinum producer Pharrell Williams gleamed, "The swagger she has is amazing; it's addictive to watch."  


Mike Ryan is a singer/songwriter with a knack for pairing lyrics with music that breathe life into a song. Though Mike would... tell you "I've still got some road to travel as a writer," many will argue he's already established himself when it comes to penning clever new tunes. Smooth and soulful, he has uncommon vocal ability. With the upcoming release of his sophomore album, Bad Reputation, Ryan proves his ability to craft a good lyric in addition to breathing life into a song in a way that no other voice can.  


Quaker City Night Hawks' brand of hard rock n' roll is bred from Texas boogie, Memphis soul and heavy blues. Their music is southern rock right out of '75, played with the fervor of a sermon crackling out of the radio in a '68 Lincoln. They're the whiskey bottle you finished Saturday night and the prayer you said the next morning. Like a country gunshot on a humid night and your first illicit beer, Quaker City Night Hawks are the spirit of rock n' roll. Come shake your hips.