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The Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau supports local, national and international journalists working on stories about Fort Worth. We are available to assist the media in developing itineraries and to facilitate visits to attractions, cultural venues and other points of interest for your articles, books or broadcasts. Group and individual media visits are arranged throughout the year.

If you're a journalist who is planning a trip to Fort Worth and need assistance, the following guidelines will help us meeting your editorial, photographic and broadcast needs:


  • Please contact the Fort Worth CVB Marketing Communications Department with as much lead time as possible. This will allow us adequate time to solicit accommodations and attractions appropriate to your story.
  • Please provide us with a description to include what you intend to cover, story length and the estimated date that the story will run.
  • Please provide the circulation or audience size and any other demographic information about the media organization you represent.
  •  If you are a freelance journalist, please forward recent examples of travel or travel-related coverage with your byline. (Print, DVD, CD as appropriate). To assure your position on our preferred media list, please provide us with details once your feature is published.
  • Please notify us immediately if your travel plans change. This will help us make sure we are assisting you in the best manner possible.

Complimentary or media-rate arrangements are provided at the discretion of the host businesses. Unless your story is expressly covering one of our annual events or festivals, please understand that we may be unable to assist you during those, or other events.

Thank you for your interest in Fort Worth. We look forward to assisting you in your research. 

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