Strengthened Messaging

Message Coordination

Ensure collaboration of stakeholders to coordinate messaging strategies and identify common messages to utilize

Tactics Status

Lead community messaging development process with local partners to align messaging


Ensure coordination of economic development marketing with tourism efforts

Summer 2019

Share tourism marketing strategy and tactics with relevant partners, including Chambers and District leaders


Enhance wayfinding as needed

On-going (met with Stockyards Heritage on signage plan in 2018)

Encourage the development of city gateway signage

No progress


Hospitality Training

Create training and increase capacity of hospitality industry to better serve visitors especially convention/group business and international guests

Tactics Status

Create training program for hotels and front-line hospitality staff

Determining scope


Fort Worth's Creativity Brand

Support development and promotion of creativity communities, especially music, film, and art

Tactics Status

Advocate for public art installations that engage the public and promote Fort Worth as a cultural center

Meeting with Arts Council of Fort Worth

Support Hear Fort Worth initiatives that export local music

On-going (created travel grants for artists)

Increase visibility for Fort Worth music

On-going (operate Hear Fort Worth social channels; created artist-of-the-month program; sponsored KERA Art & Seek reception at Kimbell Art Museum

Promote local music in medical district 

Meeting with hospital leadership

Identify partnerships with art collectives

On-going (Sponsored photo opp by Art Tooth at Fortress Festival 2019)

Increase visibility for Fort Worth filmmakers

On-going (support film projects with scouting and filming assistance; operate Film Fort Worth social media channels)

Increase visibility for public art efforts

On-going (promoted Trinity Art Court)


Destination Advertising

Increase advertising of Fort Worth as a destination of choice

Tactics Status

Engage international audience at SXSW for break-through messaging and positioning


Conduct annual brand affinity survey to evaluate consumer perception of Fort Worth as a destination

On-going (2017, 2018 complete; demonstrated uptick in perception)


Consumer Brand Promotion

Partner with Fort Worth consumer brands to increase visibility of city

Tactics Status

Work with Mrs. Renfro's for customized Visit Fort Worth salsa during SXSW 2019