Fort Worth Film Commission Lone Star Film Festival Panels

November 4-8

The Fort Worth Film Commission is proud to partner with Lone Star Film Festival to provide eight engaging panels featuring local and regional film industry pros. All Lone Star Film Festival panels and film conversations are free to the public and available online this year.

On the Big Screen

Moderator: Wesley Gentle, Arts Council of Fort Worth

Panelists: Jimmy Sweeney, The Grand Berry Theater; Jeffrey Smith, Downtown Cowtown at the ISIS; William Giron, Artes de la Rosa at the Historic Rose Marine Theater

Available: November 5 at 4 pm CT

Marketing Your Film During a Pandemic

Moderator: Beth Hutson, Executive Producer, Elevated Content

Panelists: Tracy Rector, Executive Producer, Chyna Robinson, Director/Writer/Producer, Holland Sanders, CEO Holland Collective

Available: November 6 at 2 pm CT

How to Get a Job in the Industry

Moderator: Red Sanders, President, Red Productions

Panelists: Rebecca Case, President, Dallas Producers Association; Linda McAlister, President, Linda McAlister Talent; Mindy Raymond, TXMPA Director of Communications & Ambassador for Texas Media

Available: November 6 at 3 pm CT

Operating a Studio Space in Fort Worth

Moderator: Nick Utter, Director of Photography

Panelists: Doug Mangold, Lowtown Studios; Tim Eaton, Studios at TCN; Red Sanders, Backlot Studios + Workspace.

Available: November 7 at 2 pm CT

Film + Music

Moderator: Josh Block, Musician

Panelist: Erica Silverman, Writer/Director

Available: November 7 at 3 pm CT

Preserving History

Moderator: Mitch Whitten, EVP Marketing & Strategy for Visit Fort Worth

Panelists: Adam Dietrich, Director; Elliott Gilbert, Producer; Glenda Thompson, Consultant, Gestures Marketing

Available: November 7 at 5 pm CT

Breaking into Commercial Work

Moderator: Dr. Tricia Jenkins, Professor at Texas Christian University

Panelists: Warren Cook, Make Something Beautiful, Greg Beck, Two Trees Productions, Candace Cooper, Westsider Media

Available: November 8 at 2 pm CT

Creating Change Through Film: It’s a Wonderful Plight

Moderator: Lou Charle$, Fort Worth Musician

Panelists: Justin Rhodes, Director/Writer/Actor; April Patterson, Producer and Actor; Kory Williams; Director of Photography; Corey Pratt, Actor

Available: November 8 at 3 pm CT

All panels will be available on the Lone Star Film Festival YouTube Channel and Facebook page. For more information visit

Some panels were filmed safely at Lowtown Studios. Production services were provided by Texas Producer and graphic animation by PRELUDE Films.