Free Things to do in Fort Worth.

Search the unexpected experiences below for free stuff to do in our city.  You’ll find that Fort Worth offers plenty of value if you're on a budget. 

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Arts and Culture

Coloring Cowtown: Murals in Fort Worth

  • 5 min read

Fort Worth is home to one of the largest cultural districts in the nation and more than 25 museums. And now, several notable murals are stepping into the limelight. Discover artistic masterpieces on the walls of familiar Fort Worth hot…

Western Experience

Top Free Things To Do in Fort Worth

  • 4 min read

Free and fun come together in Fort Worth to give visitors a great time without breaking the bank. We've gathered a list of the top FREE things to do in Fort Worth. Walk Through History Fort Worth's…

Arts and Culture

Art and Seek: Public Art in Fort Worth

  • 9 min read

In Fort Worth, art is everywhere you look. This city is home to a large blend of traditional and modern art -- and a lot of it's open and free to the public. Here are 16 public art pieces for your viewing pleasure. 1. Tabachin Ribbon…

Family Friendly

19 Facts You Didn't Know about the Fort Worth Herd

  • 4 min read

Want to see a bit of history come to life right in front of your eyes? Every day, twice a day, a herd of majestic Texas longhorns parade through the historic Fort Worth Stockyards just as they did many back in the day of the wild, wild…