Fort Worth is home to one of the largest cultural districts in the nation and more than 25 museums. And now, several notable murals are stepping into the limelight. Discover artistic masterpieces on the walls of familiar Fort Worth hot spots, all by simply driving by.

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The Foundry District

Inspiration Alley

This Fort Worth revitalization project is spearheaded by M2G Ventures. If you don’t already know them - you will. These murals will inspire you reflect on the artwork while taking every selfie possible. Inspiration Alley is filled with some of the most detailed portrait pieces as well as fun and energetic still life and abstract works.

It’s a reason to get in your car and start searching out murals on a beautiful day. It features works from: Whereon, Drigo, Girls in Tarrant, Jeremy Joel and Jay Wilkinson, Monica Wright and John Worley, London Kaye, Jana Renee and Hillary Dehoney, Nathan Madrid, and, of course, my cool new mom-friend Katie Murray.

How to find it: Weisenberger Street just east of Carroll Street

“Ground Murals”

Katie Murray became a friend during my last search through Near Southside. She leaves a lively and vibrant touch on our city with her murals. The “Ground Murals” are meant to be abstract and left to the viewers perception, yet they still deliver her signature bright colors and sense of playfulness.

How to find it: GPS M&O Station Grill you will see them.

“Cowtown Mural”

Another great piece from Katie Murray in her distinctive style, but with a twist. This mural was done in a paint by number fashion that let volunteers and runners paint portions of it themselves. It also commemorates the Cowtown Marathon, which has been “running since 1979.”

How to find it: The back wall of the Cowtown Marathon building (2617 Whitmore) in the alley.



“Love Brings Together You and Me”

WestBend commissioned artist Kyle Steed to do a total of 10 murals in the shopping district. This is one of the murals, featuring a quote from famous Texans like Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline.

How to find it: Search the parking garage. Check the vestibules and the stairwells. You'll find his murals soon enough.


“I’m Going to be Something One of These Days”

Another commissioned work from Kyle Steed. Though he is known for working in black and white, he steps outside of his proverbial box with this colorful rendition featuring a quote from Patsy Cline.

How to find it: The side wall next to Dry Bar.


Foch Street 

“If you are here, you are awesome”

What better place to take a shot of yourself than a place that tells you “You are awesome?" This is a popular one over on Instagram and it's easy to see why. It elicits the need to take a picture of yourself to post for all the world to see that you are, in fact, awesome.

How to find it: The front wall of 925 Foch Street.


Near Southside

“Mural on Cartan’s Shoe Store”

The B-Cycle stop is a great starting point to enjoy the many murals in the Near Southside. Take a photo in front of this colorful bird of prey as you start hunting for your own catch of the day. When asked about the mural, the store said they "just came into work one day and it was there."

How to find it: The side wall of Cartan’s Shoes at the corner of Henderson Street and Magnolia Ave. 


“Paris Coffee Shop”

This is a place steeped in good ol’ fashioned Fort Worth tradition and history. It’s been in the same family for over 85 years and they pride themselves on giving tourists the down-home traditional fare they are looking for when visiting the city.

This is reflected in their mural. It was one of the first to pop up and holds no pretense of being anything other than a traditional depiction and celebration of Fort Worth and its history.

How to find it: the side wall of the Paris Coffee Shop


More Camera-Worthy Spots

“Smile” and Yellow Wall

MELT is home to some amazing ice cream and their amazing bright-yellow wall gives visitors some of THE best lighting contrast for funky, vibrant selfies. MELT also reposts their favorite insta selfies to their Instagram.

Check out their cool “Smile” tile work by the door. It’s another great spot for those cute shoes you’re dying to show off.

How to find it: Go to MELT. You can’t miss it.


“Sorry, No Social Media” 

Make your own art on the chalkboards or enjoy posting the ironic messaging on your socials. The neon lights really pop at night. Either way, it’s another very cool spot for a picture.

How to find it: Head to The Grove at Waterside


"The Taco Wall" 

Another funky stop is the Taco Wall at Taco Heads. This is the quintessential hot spot for #TacoTuesday or #CincoDeMayo.

How to find it: Go to Taco Heads


"The Butterfly" at Pearl Snap Kolaches

A very cool almost bug collection-esque rendering of a Monarch butterfly by artist Jimmy J Jenkins. It’s a great stop for the art lover and the science fanatic.

How to find it: The side wall of the Pearl Snap Kolaches at 4006 White Settlement Road.


Main Image: Alex Lepe