Move aside Pokemon Go. What you should be trying to catch are the beautiful murals found throughout Fort Worth. Several city walls are becoming a canvas for local artists to share their interpretations of life, beautifying Cowtown along the way. Katie Murray, artist and co-owner of The Art Room Gallery, shares how one of the newer installations, the Dreamer Series, came to grace the city’s landscape.

Commissioned by two former TCU classmates of Murray, Susan Gruppi and Jessica Worman of M2G Ventures, the Dream Series was part of the duo’s own dream to not just restore and renew the city, but truly inspire people of the neighborhood to DREAM.

Want to experience them for yourself or feature them as a backdrop in your selfie on Instagram?  We suggest making a day of snapping photos of your discoveries followed by a great meal at Brewed to round out your itinerary.

Here’s your countdown of some of the best murals in Fort Worth.

Dream on Dreamer

This is the first installment in the Dreamer Series. This hip lady is in a more prominent location than the others of the Dream Series, and rightfully so, as she graces the wall of The Art Room Gallery, which Katie, the artist co-owns.

How to find it: Side wall of The Art Room Gallery at 5702 Locke

Dream on Dreamer - Katie Murray
PC: Katie Murray, @katiepaintbrush

Don’t Quit Your Daydream

This is the second of the Dreamer Series (started in January 2016). 

How to find it: Backside of M&O Grill at 200 Carroll St.

Don't Quit Your Day Job - Katie Murray
PC: Katie Murray, @katiepaintbrush

Who Wah Wah Who

This one looks like it should be on a t-shirt, too. The mural faces Magnolia Micro-Park, across from Heim BBQ, making for a great pit stop along the mural trail.

How to find it: Corner of Magnolia and South Henderson

Woo Wah Wah - McKenzie Zieser
PC: McKenzie Zieser

Follow Your Dreams

This is the third installment in the “Dreamer Series.”

How to find it: Side wall of Great Harvest Bread Co. at 1305 W. Magnolia Ave.

Follow Your Dreams - Katie Murray
PC: Katie Murray, @katiepaintbrush

“The Watercolor Face”

Officially, this mural may be called something else, but the title describes it well. You may also recognize it from old Arts Goggle ads. With so much color and life, you’ll want to see this one for yourself and maybe give it your own name.

How to find it: Side wall of The Chat Room Pub at 1263 W Magnolia Ave.

Arts Goggle - Autumn Reo
PC: Autumn Reo, @autumnreo

“The Tunnel”

While this might not be the name of this mural painted by artist Douglas Hoekzema aka @hoxxoh, it’s definitely what it depicts. With only imagery, this one is well photographed and definitely an Insta favorite. See it for yourself and you’ll see why.

How to find it: Side wall of Fort Works Art at 2100 Montgomery St.

Fort Works Art - Autumn Reo
PC: Autumn Reo, @autumnreo

The Monkeys

Another mural with no words, but it's referred to as “The Monkeys.” A little off the beaten path, this one is well worth the time to find it and, of course, the message it's sharing that we might all need reminding of sometimes.

How to find it: Side wall of Lettuce Cook at 5101 White Settlement Rd.

The Monkeys - Autumn Reo
PC: Autumn Reo, @autumnreo

Love the Fort Worth the Love

This is becoming the quintessential stop when visiting the Near Southside neighborhood. It’s a mix of the old Fort Worth and the new.

How to find it: Side of Brewed at 801 W Magnolia Ave.

Brewed Worth the Love Mural
PC: Brewed Fort Worth, @brewedfw 

These are some of the great murals in Near Southside, but there are plenty more, and according to Katie, even more to come in Fort Worth.

PC Main Photo: PC: McKenzie Zieser