Dating requires jolts of creative energy to keep things interesting. Because, let's face it, an evening cuddled on the couch binge-watching Stranger Things is fun -- but a spicy evening of indoor skydiving is more fun. We've tracked down six unorthodox date ideas to get your adrenaline pumping.

Get your heart racing

Your (sweet)heart will certainly start pumping with an adrenaline-packed spin around Texas Motor Speedway. Opt for a ride along with a pro, or take the wheel and race yourself. (A Team Texas High Performance Driving School professional will accompany you for the joyride.) It doesn't matter whether you and your date are aspiring racecar drivers or the greenest novices, either. After you learn the basics, you and your sweetie will suit up in flame-resistant suits and helmets and slip right into a bonafide stock car. Be prepared: They go 160 miles per hour! With the driving school fees included, this date experience will cost $100 to $375, depending if you're a passenger or driving yourself. Texas Motor Speedway, 3545 Lone Star Circle, Fort Worth.

Bend. Then beer.

Fitness may not be everyone's go to when it comes to a dreamy date night. But what if it involves suds of beer? The Collective Brewing Project in Fort Worth pairs beer and yoga as the perfect backdrop for an out-of-the-box date. Bring your date and your own yoga mats. Don't worry: It's not the sweat-dripping hot yoga; the taproom is air-conditioned. Beer Yoga happens once a month at the brewery and costs $20 per person for an hour of yoga and three beverages (beer, kombucha or cold brew coffee). Collective Brewing Project, 112 St. Louis Ave., Fort Worth.

Have a date on lockdown

One of Dallas' newest and most creative ways to get the heart beating is Escape the Room. This $28-per-person date activity involves a real-life adventure game designed to get your brain buzzing with discoveries of hidden objects, clues and puzzles. Proceed with caution on this one: This could result in your first date and your first fight, as tension runs deep in this simulated, trapped situation. You and your date have a limited amount of time (60 minutes) to channel Indiana Jones and crack the code to escape. Note that there is no guarantee the experience will be limited just to you and your date; rooms are open to a designated number of reservations and there may be other folks tagging along. You can see how many spots are still open in each class when booking online. Escape the Room, 11661 Preston Road, Suite 184, Dallas.

Go up, up and away

Maybe skydiving the good ol' fashion way is a little too scary for date night. iFly is an indoor skydiving experience that will help give you and your date wings in a safer, more reliable environment. After a 30-minute safety demo, you and your date will "fly" in a wall-to-wall cushion of air in a flight chamber that feels as close to the real skydiving experience as possible. For $139.95 total, both people will experience two one-minute rotations and a video clip to document the flying experience. 

iFly Dallas, 8380 S.H. 121, Frisco. iFly Fort Worth, 663 Northeast Loop 820, Hurst. and

Perk up with a coffee date

Coffee dates are a dime a dozen. But next time you ask someone to meet for coffee, you'll have a perky, new plan with Texas Coffee School. You and your date can channel your inner barista and learn skills such as latte art. At coffee cupping class, you'll start to think of coffee as if it were wine: Instead of clinking wine glasses and smelling fruity notes, there's spoon-stirring and slurping. The 90-minute class for $26 a person involves tasting and evaluating coffees from regions around the world. Serious coffee geeks might also like the coffee brewing or espresso and milk skills classes, which are more costly - $400 a person - and involve a larger chunk of time. Texas Coffee School, 7203 S. Cooper St., Suite 101, Arlington.

Boo! And booze.

Frights and spooky ghost tales are sure to spark a little something during date night. Any excuse for the opportunity to latch onto your date and cuddle up close, right? This one involves walking around the Stockyards with a complimentary alcoholic beverage. As you take the tour, you'll soak up historically rich tidbits, spying nooks and crannies you may have never noticed before. For $20 per person, this 90-minute tour is fun whether you believe in ghosts or not. Make it a big evening and start with dinner in the Stockyards at Love Shack or Lonesome Dove Bistro. Cowtown Winery, 112 W. Exchange Ave., Fort Worth.