Fort Worth may be Cowtown, but with all the great taco joints around, we could easily wrestle the title of Taco Capital of the state from Austin (or anywhere). If you’re looking for breakfast tacos, you’ll find that there are so many tacos and so little time. Here are 8 of our favorites. 

1. El Mil Tacos (4117 Hemphill St) has been serving tacos at all hours of the day and night for 20+ years, and you get the interesting meats here –– lengua and buche, along with guisado, pastor and carne asada. The restaurant moved from a funky, almost-falling-down building to better quarters up the street a couple of years ago. But you can have your breakfast tacos either at breakfast time or at 3 a.m. – on weekends, the place is open until 4 a.m.


2. Juanito’s Taqueria (4150 Hemphill St) offers a selection of five specific breakfast tacos, served mix and match on a plate with rice and beans. Offerings include chorizo, ham or machacada tacos with shredded beef. The regular taco menu boasts barbacoa, brisket and adobada – beef in a spicy red sauce. Individual tacos are priced under $2 apiece, and two are plenty for breakfast.


3. Diners used to have to chase the Salsa Limon food truck through town if they wanted the goods, but now there are four locations (one in downtown). Breakfast tacos include an egg and your choice of chorizo, bacon, potato, bean and cheese, steak, barbacoa, chicken or pastor.


4. Another food truck success that became a brick-and-mortar restaurant, Taco Heads (1812 Montgomery St), offers breakfast tacos all day long! The veggie tacos might make you swear off meat –– at least in the moment you’re eating them. Fancy extras include fresh pineapple dappled with a chile-lime salt.


5. Taqueria Melis (4304 W. Vickery Blvd) was one of the first taco stands in Fort Worth. The restaurant is cash only and mostly for to-go orders, although the small building on Vickery Boulevard offers a couple of picnic benches for diners to consume their comestibles. Melis remains one of the few places you can get a breakfast jamon (ham) and egg taco, should you be tired of pastor or carnitas. On weekends, you can get menudo by the pound. 


6. Austin City Taco Co. (517 University Dr.) is the latest restaurant to grace the West 7th area. Local Chef Juan Rodriguez and UT Alum shows his love for tacos through a diverse menu filled with varieties of shrimp, brisket, veggie, pork and chicken tacos. The all-day breakfast menu shines for the purposes of this blog serving up the classics (potato, chorizo and bacon with egg), migas and the Midnight Craving (scrambled eggs, chopped brisket, diced potatoes, queso fresco, bacon jam, buttermilk ranch, flour tortilla). Yum. Opens at 7 a.m.


7. Torchy’s Tacos (928 Northton St) At this Austin-based chain, you can order tacos by name (the Wrangler, the Ranch Hand) or by number (breakfast tacos #1 through #6). Come here if you want non-traditional combinations like spinach, egg and bacon or eggs and your choice of meat topped with tomatillo salsa. Skip the flour tortillas in favor of the delicious, thick corn tortillas.


8. It's hard to miss Taqueria Tepito (1104 Miller Ave) – it’s a small purple building on Miller Ave. The menu at the decade-old Tepito’s is full of inexpensive street tacos –– thick corn tortillas filled with lengua, carne asada, chicarrones or tripas, sold individually or in a plate with rice and beans for under $7. Your breakfast will start a little late here –– Tepito opens at 10 a.m.


PC: Austin City Taco Co. Hannah Lacamp