Back when my daughter was in preschool, I’d often drop her off and go to Eurotazza on west Camp Bowie Boulevard to get a little writing done while downing a couple of cups of their fantastic house-made cold brew or European blend coffee –– sweet as love and strong as death. Sadly, the adorable little coffee boutique closed its doors a decade ago. But new coffee shops have come up to fill the void –– here are nine spaces where you can work a little and caffeinate a lot.


Ampersand offers the best of both possible worlds: coffeehouse by day, cocktail bar by night. During the day, Ampersand’s staff decant the air-roasted coffee in beverages as simple as a Chemex pour over to more complex like a macchiato, latte or a dirty chai.

You can also indulge in boozy combos with excellent names: Live Fast, Chai Young (with rum), A Whole Latte Love (spiked with vanilla vodka), and the cognac-infused hot chocolate Hennything Is Possible.



Avoca Coffee

The folks at Avoca Coffee Roasters take their beans seriously. Since 2011, owners Garold LaRue and Jimmy Story have taken Fort Worth with them as they pursued the best in micro-roasted batches of coffee.

Forging partnerships with local eateries and regional grocery stores, the brand bloomed –– from breweries to barbecue joints to donut shops, you can find their product in sip-able and edible form. But it’s best enjoyed in their flagship store on Magnolia Avenue, or their second location on Foch Street near Crockett Row. Lonely Planet Food's "Global Coffee Tour: A Tasters's Guide to the World's Best Coffee Experiences."



Brewed invites locals to eat, drink and gather. If you’re meeting with a few folks, try the press pot for three. If you’re working alone, there are more drinks that you could down in a month, including a delicious cold brew that soaks overnight; the end result is smooth and less acidic than traditional iced coffee. Brewed gets points for the excellent menu ––all-day eats are offered along with craft beer and a nice wine selection.


Buon Giorno Coffee

The owners of Buon Giorno Coffee were influenced by European coffeehouses, where people gather to linger over their beverages. The result: handcrafted espresso and specialty drinks with unusual flavors like Tuscany mocha (dark chocolate kissed with orange) or the white chocolate and caramel Roma Bianca.


The pumpkin latte (coming soon, as it does every fall) starts with a house-made syrup that includes real pumpkin!

Craftwork Coffee Co.

Craftwork Coffee Co. has three locations in the Fort, and it’s a unique concept: offer a space for rent that entrepreneurs, freelancers, and those untethered to traditional offices, can meet, work solo at shared tables, or have a conference in a private office. Then add coffee and voila! Instant productivity.


Sons of Liberty Coffee

Sons of Liberty is a lot edgier than most coffee joints. Of course you can get your traditional latte or cortado, but some of the coffee (and chocolate milk!) comes in taps. The drinks are strong, the workspace is congenial, and best of all –– you can enjoy a Taco Heads breakfast taco with your java.


Vaquero Coffee Co.

The South American-influenced Vaquero Coffee Co. is a relative newcomer to the Fort Worth coffee scene, and the unassuming exterior belies the pretty, light-filled interior. The store’s motto –– Work Hard, Be Kind –– pretty much sums up what the new coffeehouse is trying to do.


World Blend

World Blend is another space purpose-built for the freelancer. Take great coffee, add free Wi-Fi, breakfast food, pastries, and sandwiches to nibble, a study room for students, and shipping and package services, and you’ve got a nomadic nirvana for someone who doesn’t have an office.


Coffee Folk

Coffee Folk is an adorable coffee truck located in east Fort Worth off Meadowbrook Dr. next to Firehouse Pottery and Gallery. The quaint truck operates Thursday - Friday 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Saturday - Sunday 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Lavendar Latte is a crowd-pleaser and the Taco Heads breakfast tacos never disappoint.