Few beer-related traditions hold the prestige of Oktoberfest. Fort Worth’s breweries commemorate the annual event by releasing traditional German beers that pair perfectly with fall weather. 


Rahr & Sons' Oktoberfest

Fort Worth’s first craft brewery has deep German roots. Brewery co-founder Fritz Rahr’s distant relatives founded Rahr Malting Company in 1847. Each year, the Near Southside brewery releases its ode to the traditional Märzen lager. The golden-amber beer boasts a hefty 6.7 ABV and lovely toasty caramel notes. Hops balance the mildly sweet malts for a drinking experience that’s sehr gut. 


Wild Acre Brewing Company’s Mondlift 

What is a Mondlift you ask? Wild Acre’s seasonal release is named after the famed Ferris wheel that has been a central part of the original Oktoberfest festival for over a century. Wild Acre’s Märzen-style beer stays true to tradition. If you love a beer that has a medium body (not too light, not too heavy), toasted bread notes, and a mild sweetness that’s balanced with German hops, then this is the craft brew for you. 


Funky Picnic Brewery & Café’s Prostoberfest

This Near Southside brewpub excels at food and beers. The Prostoberfest is a beer to be savored. Start by taking in the light, citrusy and hoppy scents wafting off the beer’s head. Then let the light caramel and toffee notes wash over your mouth as you enjoy the crisp, clean finish. Then repeat and repeat. It’s a sensory experience like none other. 


Martin House Brewing’s Hefeweizen

While not a traditional Oktoberfest beer, strictly speaking, Hefeweizens are a beloved German beer that fits snugly among fall seasonal brews. While the Riverside brewery is known for unconventional brews like pickle beer, Martin House’s hefeweizen sticks to tradition with a medium body, banana notes and mild spices. If you haven’t tried a hefeweizen, the wheat beer offers a unique profile that’s worth checking out. 


HopFusion Ale Works’ Oktoberfest

The brew crew at HopFusion Ale Works churn out superlative beers that range from light Modelo-esque lagers to heavy barley wine and everything in between. You’ll have to hop over to the Near Southside brewery to find it, but their Märzen-style Oktoberfest is worth the trip. The not-too-boozy, balanced and delicious ale might leave you wanting to celebrate Oktoberfest all year long. 


Cowtown Brewing’s Imperial Märzen Oktoberfest

Located in Rock Island (just east of downtown), Cowtown Brewing offers some tasty barbecue in addition to their selection of beers. Order up some brisket or other succulent meats and wash ’em down with the Imperial Märzen Oktoberfest. Imperial is beer-speak for richer, bolder and boozier. It’s everything you love about this season beer — just more of it.