Pickleball has exploded in popularity all over the country, and Fort Worth is no exception. The city is now home to numerous dedicated pickleball facilities and community centers that have embraced the sport, offering a fantastic environment for both beginners and experienced players.  


A selection of indoor and outdoor courts ensures you can play in whatever the Texas weather throws at you. From friendly games at local parks to competitive leagues and tournaments, Fort Worth has many opportunities to experience the city’s vibrant pickleball community. 


Pickleball Facilities 


Courtside Kitchen – 7 outdoor courts, 2 indoor courts 

Nestled in the heart of Fort Worth, Courtside Kitchen is a one-of-a-kind pickleball facility that combines the excitement of the sport with mouth-watering food and beverages. Players can engage in friendly matches or participate in competitive leagues and tournaments on its well-maintained courts. The facility caters to all skill levels, offering clinics, lessons, and even hosting social events to help foster a lively pickleball community. 


Chicken N Pickle – 6 indoor courts, 4 outdoor courts 

With a giant play yard, brewhouse and restaurant, Chicken N Pickle is a great place to get excited about pickleball. The festive, fun setting has a menu focused on roast chicken and craft cocktails, yard games, pickleball lessons and clinics. 


The city offers plenty of other great spots to get your pickleball fix. Grab a paddle and book a court at one of these community centers. 


Community Courts 


Chisolm Trail Community Center – 3 indoor courts 


McLeland Tennis Center – 6 outdoor courts 


Handley Meadowbrook Community Center – 2 indoor courts 


Fire Station Community Center – 2 indoor courts 


Riverside Community Center – 3 indoor courts 


NRH Centre – 4 indoor courts