Whether you’re looking for a romantic outing with your significant other or snapping a pic for Instagram, watching a colorful Texas sunset is always the perfect way to end a day. 

Benbrook Lake

Longhorn Park on the east side of Benbrook Lake is a particularly well liked spot, where sunset watchers can hike a short distance down to the water or walk along the top of the dam for elevated, dramatic views.


Inspiration Point

Located in Marion Sansom Park, Inspiration Point is nearly 150 feet above nearby Lake Worth. The point has been attracting visitors since the 1920s, landing it a spot on the National Register of Historic Places.


Martin House Brewing Company

Just east of downtown, Martin House offers views towards downtown with the Trinity River and trails in the foreground. The best part? Once the sun sets, you can head inside the brewery where the fun is just getting started.


Mosque Point

Situated on a high bluff peninsula overlooking Lake Worth, Mosque Point offers panoramic views over the water. The point gets its name from the Moslah Shrine Mosque which stood on the site until it burned down in 1927.


Eagle Mountain Park

While trails sprawl over 5 miles along the shores of Eagle Mountain Park, sunset views can easily be captured from the aptly named “Overlook Trail” which is a quick quarter-mile hike from the parking lot. 


Tandy Hills Natural Area

Just two miles east of Sundance Square, the rugged Tandy Hills Natural Area is crisscrossed with trails. The proximity to downtown makes it easy to catch the skyline in the background of your photo.


Hillside Park

Situated on a high point in Southeast Fort Worth, Hillside Park offers views over the Historic Southside towards the downtown skyline.