To beat the heat this summer, here are 9 places to find the coolest treats in Fort Worth.

Curly's Frozen Custard 

The little frozen custard stand on Camp Bowie has expanded to offer homemade popsicles along with their traditional custard with or without the candy mix-ins. 


Alma’s Paletiera

This isn’t your mom’s Popsicle stand. The restaurant offers gourmet, fancy house-made frozen treats with real fruit and other ingredients like coconut or vanilla.  Sorbets, helado (ice cream) and some tasty Mexican food are also on the menu. Some paletas and sorbets are even augmented with traditional Mexican seasoning, like chamoy (a salty-sweet-spicy blend) and taijin (lime, salt, and chiles). 


Melt Ice Creams 

Founder Kari Crowe-Seher employs a farm-to-freezer approach to her business. Local ingredients and products from other Fort Worth restaurants are prominently featured on the menu, from Funkytown Donuts and Rahr Brewery to Moore Jam and TX Whiskey. The menu changes every six weeks, introducing four new flavors in addition to the five "always flavors."


Bahama Buck's 

This national chain has locations all over Fort Worth and Tarrant County. If you're in a snow cone kind of mood, this is the place. Ditto if you want smoothies, ice cream, or Buck's take on a frozen latte.


Steel City Pops 

No matter what kind of popsicle you crave, you can probably find it at Steel City Pops. Want creamy? Try chocolate, coconut, coffee or avocado. Want non-dairy real fruit? There's strawberry lemonade, mango and blackberry, just to name a few. You can visit the store's 7th Street location and the Waterside location or catch them out an about with their popsicle cart in Sundance Square.


Freeze Factory

You might have noticed the "Travel Channel" featured Freeze Factory’s snowcone stuffed in a mini-watermelon, topped with licorice, lollipops, and other candy in the “12 Dishes That Demand to Be Instagrammed” segment. But we’ve known about the exotic-looking, fruit shell-stuffed snow cones for the better part of a year now: the pineapple delights (a hulled pineapple filled with frozen flavored ice and topped with a ton of candy) are a big favorite with kids.



The newest ice cream craze to hit Fort Worth, Creamistry is made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream. Pick from over 60 flavor combinations starting with your selection of a dairy or non-dairy base, flavor (think Cocoa Puffs, Cookie Butter, Nutella and more) and an endless selection of toppings. Top it off with whipped cream and sprinkles!


Pop Bar

Love the flavor and texture of dense, rich gelato but prefer the convenience of a popsicle? Pop Bar has you covered.  Gelato bars come plain or covered with candy, sprinkles, nuts, or chocolate if you want. In addition, you can get sorbet and yogurt pops, or a popwich –– two chocolate sandwich cookies covering the gelato, also on a stick!


JOY Macarons

Are these savory cookies your weakness? JOY's menu consists of delicious concoctions like Honey & Lavender, Cookie Dough, Violet & Black Currant to name a few. But the fun doesn't stop there. Try The Frozen menu, where ice cream is slapped between two large macarons. Cereal Milk, Fruity Pepples-infused ice cream with a crunchy white shell, and Raspberry Sorbet are our favorites.