Come for the food, stay for the atmosphere, culture and history. 


The Stockyards Historic District is known for its western heritage, good food and cultural exchange. At Hooker’s Grill, you’ll find all three. Located on a buzzy block of Exchange Street, Hooker’s Grill is one of the most delightful restaurants in Fort Worth. The female, Native American-owned establishment was founded by Ruth and Kathryn Hooker, a mother-daughter duo and proud members of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. When they opened Hooker’s Grill, they included some of their home state’s celebrated dishes. 


“One of the best ways to introduce culture is with food and we do that every day!” says Ruth via the Hooker’s Grill website. “We are proud of our Choctaw Heritage and proud to celebrate the foods we grew up eating with our customers… To us, we are not just serving food, but rather we are serving history, one bite at a time!”  



And believe us, you’ll take many bites.  


Their menu is simple but mighty. Between the Oklahoma fried onion burger, the Indian Taco, Frito chili pie and green chili cheese fries, you may have a tough time choosing what to order. The traditional fried onion burger (served with mustard and pickles) has a history stretching all the way back to the Great Depression, when struggling restaurants needed something inexpensive but filling to serve customers. Now, it serves as Hooker’s Grill’s signature dish and a staple most Texan burger consumers didn’t know we were missing. The Indian Taco, affectionately known in Native American communities as a “frybread taco,” is a hearty dish of fried bread, ground beef, cheese, lettuce and tomato. It represents a symbol of indigenous culinary heritage and is the perfect savory addition to any meal. 


Hooker’s Grill also provides diners a chance to revel in Fort Worth’s film history. The location was used to film scenes from the hit Paramount+ series 1883. The production team constructed a wooden structure that portrayed a gambling den in the show. After filming wrapped, Ruth decided to keep the structure while all the sets around her were taken down. The former “gambling den” now provides shade for picnic tables and an upper deck. 


Hooker’s Grill is experiential dining at its best. The owners introduce customers to their culture through cuisine and showcase history in the most delicious way.