Whether it’s a fitness fad or a lifesaving lifestyle, people are buzzing about the Keto diet.  You can’t just flirt with a Keto diet, but if you’re all in, here are nine restaurants where you can eat well and still stick to your plan.

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

I’ve always loved Del Frisco’s commitment to the quality of their meat and the flexibility with which the kitchen substitutes food items. The good news is that a lot of what’s here doesn’t need altering: shrimp cocktail, pan-seared salmon, a steak salad minus the tomatoes, cheese and dressing, and any of the nine steak options on the menu will fill you up and keep you on plan.


HG Sply Co.

The extensive menu of clean meat options make this a place where you can dine well, Keto-style. The “fried rice” (which is actually riced cauliflower) also looks interesting, and with a few tweaks it may be right up your Keto alley.


Lettuce Cook

The Riverside restaurant offers a variety of clean eating options, and the menu changes pretty much daily. The Paleo BOOM Box (minus the squash hash), or chicken or salmon meals with plain veg would do the trick.


Del Frisco’s Grille

Likewise, Del’s little sister offers many of the same options, including that steak salad. The salmon and brick chicken entrées already come with asparagus (you’ll have to skip the mashed potatoes). You’ll need to double check the seasoning choices to be sure everything is Keto-friendly.


Local Foods Kitchen

You’ll find multiple fish and poultry entrées to eat in or take away. Call ahead so you’ll know what’s available (and so you get exactly what you want).


Poke Stop

This might just be my new favorite place because the build-your-bowl comes with your choice of mixed greens instead of rice. Add shrimp and salmon, cucumber, asparagus, and avocado, and skip the sauce – BOOM. Keto bowl, no fuss.


Righteous Foods

Their existing super-clean menu can be made Keto-friendly with a few tweaks. Skip the corn tortillas and the salmon or grilled shrimp tacos work out pretty well. You can also get a lovely salad and add protein and avocado.



The breakfast eatery on 7th Street has a couple of items that seem almost tailor made to be Keto-friendly. Try the Snooze Classic with bacon, or the omelet with spinach, bacon, and avocado. You’ll forgo the toast and spuds, of course.


Unrefined Bakery

OK, y’all – we now have Keto-friendly cupcakes. And breads, pies, cakes, and even grain-free dressing for Thanksgiving!


Other Keto-friendly ideas

Modify your Tex-Mex

You can get fajita meat on top of a salad at almost any Tex-Mex restaurant in town. Be careful that the salad isn’t full of dressing or carrots, which are higher in carbohydrate than other veggies. Instead of guacamole, ask for sliced avocado.  


At either of Los Vaquero’s two Fort Worth locations, you can get the shrimp and beef combo fajitas. Even if you skip the tortillas, rice and beans, you won’t leave hungry. Chuy’s has a grilled fajita chicken salad on the menu, and if you hold the tomatoes and dressing, it’s pretty much perfect.


Any BBQ place will provide a good meal option, except that you’ll have to forgo the sauce. I love Railhead Smokehouse’s half chicken, and the sliced brisket by the pound will help keep you Keto-compliant.

Full disclosure: You may also have to bring your own preferred fat source to supplement the menu if you eat out. But with a little research and a little planning, you can eat well and stay Keto.

The main fuel for ketosis is a good portion of healthy fats (think avocado or coconut oil). Beef (grass-fed is preferred), chicken and baked fish (or sushi) fill in the protein requirement, and leafy greens, asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts and other low-carb veggies are also key. Full adherence to the diet means eating the meat and veggies without any cheesy or sweetened sauces, which can be difficult, but isn’t impossible.