Panther City Lacrosse Club (PCLC) begins its second season in the National Lacrosse League in December 2022 with home games played at Dickies Arena. The club's season start in Fort Worth on Friday, December 9, against the Las Vegas Desert Dogs. 

Here are 10 things to know before attending a Panther City Lacrosse game at Dickies Arena during the 2022-23 season.

Get Your Tickets

To purchase individual tickets, group tickets and season passes, navigate to the “Tickets” tab on the PCLC website. Season ticket holders will secure tickets to all the games, plus a host of other perks, including discounted tickets to Dallas Wings games (the teams share an ownership group). 

The Sport

Fort Worth’s newest professional team plays the sport of box lacrosse. It’s a fast-moving indoor version of the outdoor game that’s been played in North America for centuries. They’ve joined the professional National Lacrosse League, which has been the indoor game’s top-level since beginning play in 1987. These men will compete with teams from six U.S. states and five Canadian provinces. It’s a sport traditionally played in the northern part of the continent and PCLC marks the league’s first attempt to place a franchise in Texas.

Know The Positions

Each team can have six players on the field at one time. The non-goalie positions are collectively known as “runners.”

This position is pretty easy to pick out and is more universally known. A number of sports use a designated (and often heavily-padded) guardian of the scoring area.

These players play closest to the opponents’ goal and look to pile up the points.

The defensemen try to create turnovers and generally make the attacking team’s job more difficult.

Transition players have offensive and defensive responsibilities, especially when it comes to getting the ball quickly into the offensive half of the field following a change of possession in front of their own goal.


Watching the Game

  • Players use their sticks to cradle, pass and catch the ball.
  • Each goal counts as one point.
  • Substitutions happen on the fly, like in ice hockey.
  • A team has eight seconds to move the ball across the centerline once it possesses the ball and 30 seconds to attempt a shot that hits the goal or goalie.
  • Minor penalties require a player to exit the game for two minutes and his team must play with only four runners. A second penalty during that time forces them to play two men down. One penalty ends if the opposing team scores.
  • Major penalties require a player to sit out five minutes and he must serve the entire time. He does not get to rejoin the game when a goal is scored.
  • Occasionally, the players fight. They punch each other. They then generally each get minor or major penalties.
  • Each team gets one time-out per half.
  • The teams play four 15-minute quarters with a 15-minute halftime. They play sudden-victory overtime if tied after regulation.

The Parking

The 2,200-space Chevrolet Parking Garage sits adjacent to Dickies Arena. The Yellow Lots will be open and include disabled parking spots. You can pay with cash or a credit card at all lots. If you use a ride share service, the drop-off lane is on Dickies Way near the Arena’s west entrance. Rideshare pick-up is on Harley Avenue, located on the north side of the building.

Food (and Beer)

Dickies Arena offers a wide selection of food and beverage. You can use QR codes found throughout the arena to access the most up-to-date concession menus.

Sporting event staples like hot dogs, cotton candy and popcorn are available alongside barbecue sandwiches, cheeseburgers and chicken tenders. Try a Texas Cheesesteak sandwich at the Cultural District Creations stand near Sections 124/125 or some soft serve ice cream at the Trinity Treats emplacement near Section 130. Adjacent to Section 132, you can dine guilt-free at Texas Health by munching on specialties like the Healthy Harvest Bowl, Ahi Poke Bowl, Seasonal Fruit Cup, or Smoked Turkey Sandwich. You can wash down those lower-calorie foodstuffs with 2% milk or bottled water.

For thirsty fans, the arena stocks primarily Anheuser Busch products, including Texas-made Ziegenbock and several Karbach varieties, plus a craft brew or two. Wine is also available at most concession stands. Spirits and mixed drinks can be found at the TX Tavern by section 114. A purple Panther City Lacrosse signature cocktail is also in the works.

The TV

Select games will be broadcast locally on KTXA – TV 21 or Bally Sports Southwest. All games will be available to stream on ESPN+ or EPSN2.  You can find the full broadcast schedule here.

Know The Score Chant

“We are Fort Worth! We are Panther City!”

Know The Legend

In the 19th century, a Dallas lawyer claimed to have seen a panther sleeping on the streets of Fort Worth. He told the story to cast aspersions on the supposedly overly-relaxed pace of life in the western town. Fort Worthians turned the insult around, co-opting the panther as a mascot. Fort Worth police have the big cat on their badges, downtown boasts two panther statues, and the vibrant municipality now has a box lacrosse team that glories in the nickname “Panther City.”

Watch The Opening Video

Can you name all the Fort Worth locations seen in the hype video the team will show before the games? They took a few of the top players across the city and shot images of them in front of significant landmarks.