Felipe Armenta  


Filmmaker: Nick Utter  


Felipe Armenta is in the family trade. He grew up in the industry where both his parents were chefs and restaurant owners, so he’s had a lifetime of learning what makes a great experience for guests. FAR Out Hospitality, the restaurant group he co-owns with Michelin chef Graham Elliot, owns nine restaurants, seven right here in Fort Worth. Their restaurants specialize in a wide range of cuisines, from Mexican to seafood to French to BBQ. You might think Felipe has stretched himself a little thin… until you visit his restaurants and try his food. He focuses on the quality of the ingredients, so that every dish is as perfect as it can be. And you remember a Far Out restaurant. The spaces are colorful and bright, the atmosphere meant to be experienced. This combination of incredible dishes and ambiance makes Felipe Armenta the celebrated restaurateur that he is. 


Rapid-fire Q&A with Felipe Armenta’s business partner, Graham Elliot:  

What is your title and place of employment?  

Culinary Director, FAR Out Hospitality 


What are your favorite Fort Worth restaurants?  

Il Modo, Little Red Wasp, Panther City BBQ 


What is your favorite place to take visitors in Fort Worth?  

The Stockyards 


What is your favorite place to enjoy the outdoors in Fort Worth?  

Fort Worth Zoo 


What is your favorite place to listen to music in Fort Worth?  

Billy Bob’s Texas 


What do you think visitors will find unexpected about Fort Worth? 

I think the fact it’s equal parts big city energy and small-town feel.