Visit Fort Worth Logo

The primary (horizontal) Fort Worth logo should always be applied when possible Under space restricting circumstances, the secondary (vertical) version shall be applied. Legibility and available space should determine which format to apply.

The logo is not an exercise in creativity

The logo is strongest when it is applied in a consistent manner. No drop shadows, gradients, stretching, rotating or altering the relationship between the icon, logotype and tagline. The “Fort Worth” logotype should never be used without the icon. These rules apply regardless of how or where the logo is applied: print, web, ads, signs, etc. The logo should be applied in a consistent manner to maintain legibility and character These are examples of how the logo can be used 

In order for the Fort Worth logo to communicate effectively, it should not be overwhelmed by other elements Clear space guidelines prevent the logo from visual distraction. Exceptions can be made when the logo must be used over certain backgrounds or patterns—as long as the pattern does not compromise the legibility of the logo.

Please contact Terran Fleenor if you need a logo in a different file format or color.