Sweet as pie. Easy as pie. Pie in the sky….this time of year makes us crave pie! For your pie pleasure, here are a few places you can get a little (or a whole) pie. 

Mama E's BBQ & Home Cooking

At Mama E’s BBQ & Home Cooking you’ll find the staples of soul food deserts: banana cream pie, chess pie, apple pie with a lattice crust, and sweet potato pie that tastes like the angels kissed it. But not all the pies are available every day, and if you want a particular or whole pie, plan to order well in advance.


Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop

Buttermilk Sky focuses on one thing: pie. Pies range in size from two-inch small pies to full-size pies big enough to serve a whole family. If the Camp Bowie brick-and-mortar location doesn't work out for you, online orders are also available. 


Blue Bonnet Bakery

A Fort Worth staple since 1934, Blue Bonnet Bakery has been serving up all sorts of delicious desserts to many generations of locals and visitors alike. In 2010 the bakery moved their physical location to a former church located on Camp Bowie Boulevard. You can't miss it. 


The Lunch Box

The Lunch Box has been serving pie by the slice or whole pies since the 70s, and not much has changed. You can get classic chocolate, coconut or lemon ice box pies here, and all of them taste delicious.


Paris Coffee Shop

Paris Coffee Shop would win the longevity pie prize, if there was such a thing. The place has been hand making pie since the 60s. Although management recently changed hands, the pies are still the same as they have been for nearly 60 years. There are a dozen kinds of pies here, including three sugar-free varieties and a chocolate peanut butter meringue that is absolutely amazing.


The Original Fried Pie Shop

If you need more in the way of hand-held pastry goodness, you might visit The Original Fried Pie Shop, where you’ll find the intangibly perfect apricot fried pie, along with your favorite fruit filling and pineapple.


Stir Crazy Baked Goods

Stir Crazy Baked Goods offers a dozen pies year-round, including the Texas southern favorites like buttermilk and chocolate bourbon chess pie. Fall and winter pies include apple-cranberry, sweet potato and an eggnog pie in December. For spring and summer, berries and stone fruits rule, and you can get a combination berry pie with any three berries you like!


Sweet Lucy's Pies

You’ll have to pre-order what you want at Sweet Lucy's Pies, and the menu isn’t your run-of-the-mill pie list, either. How does coffee chocolate chess sound or TX Whiskey Pecan? You can find Sweet Lucy’s product for sale at Meyer & Sage on #PieThursdays and at The Clearfork Farmers Market on select Saturdays. Christmas orders may be placed here


Swiss Pastry Shop

The pastry kitchen at Swiss Pastry Shop is open at 7 a.m., and they have a little of everything, from cream to fruit to meringue pies. But the chess pies –– custardy, and loaded with butter and eggs –– really stand out, and seasonal favorites egg custard and pumpkin would look positively perfect on your holiday table.


Three Danes Baking Co.

Three Danes Baking Co. operates out of Three Danes Inn, a bed-and-breakfast in the Near Southside. The quaint shop sells holiday pies, desserts and the most delicious kringles one has ever tasted. More here


The Black Rooster Cafe

The Black Rooster Cafe is a TCU staple that is known for its flaky croissants, scones, cruffins and more. Order a box of sweet breads, breakfast goodies and more for Christmas morning online.


Planted Bakery

This vegan/vegetarian bakery is located in South East Fort Worth near the Cityview area. Order up a caramel apple, blueberry or chocolate mousse pie, to name a few, for the holidays.