With the beautiful expanses of all 100+ miles of the Trinity Trails, and some really good directions courtesy of the Tarrant Regional Water District’s overlying trail maps, you can hike and crawl, or bike to brunch in Fort Worth. 

Waterside to Clearfork

Start your adventure at Waterside (Crystelle Waggoner Trailhead - 4301 Riverfront Dr.) with a hearty breakfast from Piattello Italian Kitchen overlooking a park-like oasis known as The Grove.


Take the trail north - back towards downtown - and cross over to Press Café for a cool drink on the rooftop patio. On Saturdays, peruse the farmers market for fresh, local produce. Walk off-trail to get to all the restaurants at The Shops at Clearfork. All offer brunch and some of the best happy hour menus in town.

Clearfork to Westbend

If you don't own a bike of your own, the Trailhead at Clearfork is the best place for you to start your bike-n-brunch tour from the area. A Fort Worth B-Cycle station is located directly in front of Press Cafe along the trail and Mellow Johnny's offers rentals.


Head north to Woodshed Smokehouse from here; it's about three miles. Pop by the outdoor bar for a water or Panther City Pink Drink, a refreshing juice made with watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, green apple. Breakfast is served daily from 8-11 a.m. and there is even a menu for your pup.


Continue on and you will have access to Ol’ South Pancake House, HG Sply Co. and East Hampton Sandwich Co. If you go off-trail across the street into University Park Village, you have access to Blue Goose Cantina, Pacific Table, and Eatzi’s Market and Bakery.


Westbend to West 7th 

The trail makes a giant loop around Trinity Park. Take in a leisurely ride through the area before approaching the West 7th Street Bridge. From here, head left down West 7th St. to Chuy’s, Snooze AM Eatery or the shops in and around Montgomery Plaza.


If you want to really earn your calories, keep pumping those legs towards the popular Crockett Row at West 7th where spots like Social HouseMash'd and more delight diners. Across University Ave, treat yourself to an upscale experience at the Modern Art Museum's Cafe Modern or a health-conscious meal at Righteous Foods.


West 7th to White Settlement 

If you pedal on past the West 7th bridge and hook a left at the fork across from Panther Island Pavilion, follow the White Settlement Trailhead for 5 or so miles and go off-trail to the River District. GemelleSalsa Limon, Heim BBQ and Lettuce Cook Gourmet on the Go are all nice places to sit a spell and rehydrate. If you want a little more exercise, end your tour at the Airfield Falls Conservation Park just past 1.5 miles beyond.

West 7th to Downtown

If you hook a right at the West 7th bridge and take the pedestrian crossing and bikes lanes into downtown, dine al fresco at Taco Diner or Del Frisco's Grille, both boast patios that overlook the Sundance Square Plaza

The Tarrant Regional Water District has a great map of the area and an app for your phone as you plan your trip. Remember: stay alert, keep an eye out for the emergency marker numbers which will help rescuers reach you in a timely manner, and practice social distancing. And don't forget to drink responsibly and stay hydrated!