Plan an excursion of Fort Worth’s Trinity Trails


Trails in East Fort Worth

A new trail section runs for two miles in east Fort Worth, originating just east of Quanah Parker Park. If you continue to ride west, you can start on this stretch and pick up the system all the way west to Benbrook Lake or north to Buck Sansom Park.

To do so, you’ll need to cross Randol Mill Road, wind past the baseball field, and then make your way through Gateway Park to the Gateway Park South Trailhead.


Trails in West Fort Worth

If you’re on the west side, you’ll want to be aware of the Waterside extension. It runs right behind the shopping center on Bryant Irvin, so if your backpack can accommodate new mountain climbing gear, organic produce, and a few slices of pizza, you can get some errands done before or after your ride.

You can also relax before or after your trip in The Grove at Waterside, an outdoor area featuring lounge seating and free wi-fi.


Scenic Trails

Airfield Falls is a hidden gem along the Fort Worth trail system as the area’s only natural waterfall. The Trailhead and Conservation Park features a butterfly walk and displays referencing the history of the nearby military installation.



The trails offer more than biking and running, too. You can find six kayaking locations along the river in Tarrant County. Trinity Park has a fishing ramp and pier.

Tips to stay safe on the trails:

  • If you wear earbuds or headphones to blast motivational tunes, the Tarrant Regional Water District encourages you to keep one ear free of electronics. You need to be able to hear courteous cyclists or inline skaters who alert you when they pass.
  • 911 markers are placed approximately every 1000 feet along the trail. If you did dial 911 in the midst of an emergency, give the operator the code on the sign to help first responders find you.
  • Remember to practice social distancing. Share the trails and do not use the parks or system if you are exhibiting symptoms.