Whether it's Taco Tuesday or not, Fort Worth's taco scene is one to remember. Here's a rundown of three local go-to's. 

Taquería Temo

Main Location: 3450 Decatur Avenue
Taco Truck: 2611 NE 28th Street

Taquería Temo serves up street style tacos, tortas quesadillas and burritos, best known for their tacos de trompo. The trompo is a large, spinning top shaped pile of al pastor marinaded meat that is cooked on a rotating spit. With trompo paintings and motifs gracing both their restaurants on Decatur Ave and the newly opened storefront on Broadway Ave in Haltom City, as well as their taco truck on 28th Street, Temo has good reason to be proud of it. Finding a traditional trompo is rare in the city of Fort Worth and Temo does it well.



La Banqueta “Puro DF”

2621 Hemphill Street

Tacos La Banqueta is bright, yellow taqueria with a very Mexico City-inspired menu featuring the usual tacos and tortas, but also pambazos (a sandwich fried in chile sauce and filled with potato and chorizo), alambre (grilled beef with bacon, onions, bell peppers, and cheese) and gringas (the taco meat of your choice made with melted cheese, and usually an extra tortilla). Whatever you choose, Tacos La Banqueta provides bold flavors and bang for your buck.


Tacos Los Irresistibles

1308 N Sylvania Avenue

Find Tacos Los Irresistibles on the N. Sylvania strip (just look for the huge red TACOS sign) for fast service and $1.50 tacos. Try the Asada, Al Pastor, or Tlaquepaque (similar to a barbacoa) tacos and don’t skip the charro beans. If you’re really feeling hungry, get the frijoles preparados, the beans will come loaded with bacon, sausage, al pastor meat and cheese.