Fort Worth is home to many talented Latinx artists who specialize in different mediums. From black-and-white line art drawings (that some have even gotten tattooed) to earrings made with local flowers and plants, there’s something for every art lover.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to closure of art galleries, museums and even the cancellation of vendor markets around the city. Here are a few artists whose work you can support and view online.

Jessica Fuentes 

Fuentes is an art photographer and art educator. Most of her work explores the concepts of time, memory and repetition. You can go on a virtual tour of her latest solo exhibit ‘duo means two’, at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, where her images capture repetition and pairings of everyday items from both outdoor and interior scenes. Follow on Instagram at @JessicaFuentes83.


Erik Gomez - Galleria de Gomez 

Gomez creates black-and-white line art drawings. His pieces usually have motivational Spanish phrases such as “Ponte las Pilas," which loosely translates to "get it together and follow your goals." Gomez incorporates elements of nature into his work such as flowers, cacti and animals, but doesn’t limit himself to just that. He is open for commissions and you can follow his work on Instagram @galleriadegomez.


Jessika Gúilleń

Guillen always finds a way to proudly represent Mexico, Texas or Fort Worth in her work. Aside from working on different mediums she also organizes vendor markets in the city. Her pieces range from hand-painted, Texas-shaped pins to earrings and tote bags. You can watch her work through her time lapse videos she posts on her Instagram. She is open for commissions and you can follow her work @jessikaguillen.


Mayra Martinez 

Martinez is an artist and gardener who uses the items she grows to create earrings, hand-dyed fabrics and prints using a variety of techniques. Her jewelry designs range from subtle studs to 3-tier round disk earrings. Follow her on Instagram at


Gabriella Gonzalez - Tejana Mix 

Gonzalez is a mixed media artist. Some of the work by the North Side native includes watercolor and acrylic paintings of bright and colorful cacti. Gonzalez was also one of the artists who helped paint the mural dedicated to North Side’s mariachi, Espuelas de Plata, on the exterior or Franko’s Market. You could usually catch Gonzalez’s work at local markets or art shows but for now she is open for commissions. Follow her on Instagram at @tejana_mix