Growing up my grandpa would write me letters full of knowledge and quotes that I've carried with me throughout life. One of those being, "You never learn anything by talking all the time." Not quite sure what he'd think about me having a podcast where I ramble about quite literally anything now. But I do share many of the things he taught me. 


When I decided to start a Fort Worth-based podcast I really wanted to share what makes me love our city so much. And at the time there were only a handful of local podcasts. However, The Fort Worth Pod Squad, as we call it, has grown to where there is a podcast for everyone now.


If you are looking for a Fort Worth-centered podcast I'd recommend you check out: Fort Worth Roots, Fort Worth Famous, FORTitude, or Go Time, which happens to be Mayor Mattie Parker's podcast. Each of these podcasts dive into what drives our city, plus you'll hear from local entrepreneurs, creators, and maybe get some local tea and hear new thoughts and opinions.


For the lovers of all things movies, music, anime, and challenging other podcasts to beer Olympics tune in to: Emo Otaku Podcast or Thanks For The Invite. These podcasts will not only have you laughing, but you'll be wanting to write in and give your opinion. And you'll probably spend a weekend at home binge-watching shows or checking out new music.



Those who want to learn something new should listen to: It's Probably You, Queer ConTXt, and The Foundhers Club. Not only will these podcasts entice you to new ways of thinking, but they will open your mind to new ideas and perspectives. These podcasts cover everyday life experiences and struggles.



Want a podcast that covers a multitude of topics then lend an ear to: The Funky Panther, Jerry Jonestown Massacre, and Osos Golosos. The fellas will probably like these options considering not only are news, beer and sports covered, but interviews and general table talk with A LOT of humor. You'll want to jump right into these conversations!



If you want a podcast with some drama and excitement connect with: Forever Reckless, Tony & Henry: On the Same Page, and Corks in Cowtown. You really never know what hot topics and conversations will come up, but I promise you'll be entertained and left wanting more. Plus, sometimes a little pot stirring is needed.