Chris Reale  


Paris Coffee Shop 

Filmmaker: EC Films 


Legacy is a hard thing to inherit. And yet, Chris Reale took on one of the oldest restaurants in Fort Worth and kept it thriving with a dedication to quality and community. Through hard work and laser-focus on what Paris Coffee Shop means to the city, Reale continues a tradition almost a century in the making. 


And his vision doesn’t stop on Magnolia Ave. Reale also owns Roy Pope Grocery, the boutique grocery store that doubles as a coffee shop and deli. And just because he’s a well-rounded individual, he also owns and operates the new Westfork Fitness, a full-service, high-end gym on White Settlement Road. Reale is the epitome of a Fort Worth entrepreneur, focusing on the needs of the community and finding the best way to rise and meet them. 


Rapid-fire Q&A with Chris: 

What is your title and place of employment?  

Owner of Paris Coffee Shop 


What are your favorite Fort Worth restaurants?  

Benito’s, Panther City BBQ, GRACE, Brix BBQ, Dutch’s 


What is your favorite place to take visitors in Fort Worth?  

The Stockyards is always an easy spot to take out of towners. It has all the cool things about Texas and fulfills the visitor's idea of people living in Texas by showing our roots. I also enjoy hanging out in the Southside. 


What is your favorite place to enjoy the outdoors in Fort Worth?  

Love spending time outside at our gym, it's right along the river. The zoo is always nice to visit as well. 


What is your favorite place to listen to music in Fort Worth?  

The Post has been a great addition to the music scene, but Tulips is a little more convenient for me and I enjoy their vibe. 


What do you think visitors will find unexpected about Fort Worth? 

I think they would find our "small town" feel and sense of comradery as an unexpected trait for such a large city. I have been to a lot of major cities throughout my career, and nothing is like Fort Worth. We are one big giant family even though we come from different paths in life.