The Stockyards Native American Sites

Cowtown Coliseum 
In 1909, Quanah Parker and 36 Comanche braves participated in the first-ever indoor rodeo, the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show at Cowtown Coliseum, now called the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show. There is a historical display with images of Quanah.
121 East Exchange Avenue | Fort Worth, Texas 76164

Quanah Parker Statue
In the courtyard outside the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame stands a statue of Quanah Parker, last chief of the Comanche nation, sculpted by Jack Bryant. Across the street in the Stockyards is the Cowtown Coliseum, where, in 1909, Parker and 38 members of his tribe rode in full regalia as part of what is now the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. The statue used to be on display inside the Coliseum until it was moved to its current location next to a new Texas Historical Marker.
130 E. Exchange Avenue | Fort Worth, Texas 76164

Stockyards Museum
One of the finest small museums in Texas, the Stockyards Museum located in the historic Livestock Exchange building in the Fort Worth Stockyards has a number of Comanche artifacts on display in the Quanah Parker Exhibit. 
131 E Exchange Avenue # 113 | Fort Worth, Texas 76164

Texas Trail of Fame
Located in the Historic Stockyards, the Texas Trail of Fame holds stars to honor the contributions individuals made to our Western ways of life. Quanah, Cynthia Ann and Peta Nocona, Cynthia Ann's husband are all honored.
Stockyards National Historic District | Fort Worth, Texas 76164