Fort Worth's booming mural scene has spread across the city. From artwork exhibiting the cities historic western ties, modern abstract pieces perfect for #selfies, to social commentary on current events, murals that adorn Fort Worth's urban landscape offer artistic escapes. 


Arts and Culture

Coloring Cowtown: Murals in Fort Worth

Fort Worth is home to one of the largest cultural districts in the nation and more than 25 museums. And now, several notable murals are stepping into the limelight. Discover artistic masterpieces on the walls of familiar Fort Worth hot…

Arts and Culture

Art and Seek: Public Art in Fort Worth

In Fort Worth, art is everywhere you look. This city is home to a large blend of traditional and modern art -- and a lot of it's open and free to the public. Here are 16 public art pieces for your viewing pleasure. 1. Tabachin Ribbon…