Mike Crum

Mike Crum

Public Events Director​
Direct Line: 817-392-2501
E-mail: Michael.Crum@fortworthtexas.gov

Kevin Kemp Headshot July 2015

Kevin O Kemp

Assistant Facilities and Public Events Director
Direct Line: 817-392-5982
E-mail: Kevin.Kemp@fortworthtexas.gov

David Reeves Headshot July 2015

David Reeves

Director of Sales
Direct Line: 817-392-8160
E-mail: David.Reeves@fortworthtexas.gov


Jordan Steffan

Sales Manager​
Direct Line: 817-392-8155
E-mail: Jordan.Steffan@fortworthtexas.gov

Mark Alcala Headshot July 2015

Mark Alcala

Sales Associate
Direct Line: 817-392-5987
E-mail: Mark.Alcala@fortworthtexas.gov

Chris Harmon Headshot July 2015

Chris Harmon

Sr. Public Events Manager
Direct Line: 817-392-5988
E-mail: Chris.Harmon@fortworthtexas.gov


Charly Petrek

Event Coordinator
Direct Line: 817-392-2869
E-mail: Charly.Petrek@fortworthtexas.gov

Nancy Braesicke

Nancy Braesicke

Event Coordinator
Direct Line: 817-392-2870
E-mail: Nancy.Braesicke@fortworthtexas.gov


Jackie Butler

Event Coordinator
Direct Line: 817-392-2871
E-mail: Jackie.Butler@fortworthtexas.gov


Christine Gillett

Event Coordinator
Direct Line: 817-392-2872
E-mail: Christine.Gillett@fortworthtexas.gov​

Julie Norton

Julie Norton

Retail Coordinator
Direct Line: 817-392-8115
E-mail: Julie.Norton@fortworthtexas.gov

Claude Humphrey Headshot July 2015

Claude Humphrey

Field Operations Supervisor
Direct Line: 817-392-8126
E-mail: Claude.Humphrey@fortworthtexas.gov 


Chris Roden

Field Operations Supervisor
Direct Line: 817-392-6231
E-mail: Christopher.Roden@fortworthtexas.gov

Fred Blackford

Fred Blackford

General Manager, Coburn's Catering
Direct Line: 817-392-1754
E-mail: fred@coburnscatering.com