Ice cream shops in Fort Worth have had a hit-and-miss history. And now, a brief moment of silence for the cones of the past: Ben and Jerry's on Camp Bowie, The Bull Ring in the Stockyards, and Milwaukee Joe's Gourmet Ice Cream (although you can still buy Joe's ice cream at their Southlake location).

To beat the heat, here are nine places to find the coolest treats in Fort Worth.

1. Bahama Buck's 

This national chain has locations all over Fort Worth and Tarrant County. If you're in a snow cone kind of mood, this is the place. Ditto if you want smoothies, ice cream, or Buck's take on a frozen latte.

2. Curly's Frozen Custard 

The little frozen custard stand on Camp Bowie has expanded to offer homemade popsicles along with their traditional custard with or without the candy mix-ins. 

3. Gypsy Scoops 

The new brick-and-mortar location on Race Street means that you won't have to chase the Gypsy Scoops food truck around anymore. There are some seriously interesting flavors, like Wookie's Cookies (cinnamon ice cream with oatmeal cookie pieces and chocolate chunks), Red Velvet and Gypsy Bride (vanilla ice cream with wedding cake and chocolate chips).

Gypsy Scoops
PC: Farrar Food Photography

4. Melt Ice Creams 

Founder Kari Crowe-Seher employs a farm-to-freezer approach to her business. The batches of ice cream are small, and she often uses local ingredients and products from other Fort Worth restaurants in her ice cream. You'll find Avoca coffee, Blue Bonnet Bakery donuts, Stir Crazy Baked Goods cookies, and Martin House and Rahr & Sons beer among other items in the six rotating selections available.


5. Paciugo Gelato and Café 

Italian gelato is a lot creamier than traditional ice cream, but actually contains less fat. Which means you can get a double scoop of gelato, right? At Paciugo, you'll find dairy gelati, but also non-dairy sorbets and at least one soy-based treat.

6. Steel City Pops 

No matter what kind of popsicle you crave, you can probably find it at Steel City Pops. Want creamy? Try chocolate, coconut, coffee, or avocado. Want non-dairy real fruit? There's strawberry lemonade, mango and blackberry, just to name a few. You can visit the store's 7th Street location and the new Waterside location or catch them out an about with their popsicle cart.

Steel City Pops

7. Sweet Sammies 

Is there anything more giggle-inducing than an ice cream sandwich cookie in the summer? We think not. Sweet Sammies cornered the Fort Worth market on these treats, and the potential combinations of 13 cookie flavors and 12 choices of Blue Bell ice creams are....well....we can't count that high!

Sweet Sammies

8. Tart Yogurt Bar 

Fro-Yo is a favorite with the teens, especially when there's a choice of about 46 toppings (the fruit toppings vary with the season). There are the standards (chocolate chips, cookies, chocolate syrup and strawberries) and then there are the oddities -- Rainbow Nerds, Sour Patch Kids candy,  Cap'n Crunch cereal and Swedish fish. The original flavor yogurt is extremely tart, and most of the six selections are low-fat or non-fat and high in calcium. 

9. Wooley's Frozen Custard 

Two University of North Texas grads decided to open a frozen custard shop 13 years ago, and the rest is history. At Wooley's two Fort Worth locations, you can get the standard custard, sundaes, concretes and malts. Additionally, you can also get cakes with a center of frozen custard, and with one day's notice, a frozen custard pie!


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