Every now and then, I step outside the cells of my Google Docs spreadsheets and export myself into the action behind the numbers. Two years ago on MLK Day, I embarked on a one-woman Fort Worth Bike Sharing journey that made me feel as if I was part of Dr. King’s trip Fort Worth in October 1959. I biked over 14 miles exploring sites that his footsteps graced. My sources of reference for the trip were Calvin Littlejohn: Portrait of a Community in Black and White and StarTelegram articles about this historic day.


Dr. King's visit would be his first and only Fort Worth trip during which his “A Great Time to be Alive” speech was made at Majestic Theatre where the Fort Worth Convention Center now stands. Dr. King was just 30 years old at the time, touring the country to promote equality.


After flying into Love Field, Dr. King was joined by photographer, Calvin Littlejohn and former Pullman Porter, James Baker. They stopped at Baker Funeral Home on Rosedale to map out his day in private. Dr. King was housed at the home of Dr. Vada Phillips Felder, local educator and author. He then had a few living room meetings on the South and West sides of Fort Worth and eventually presented his big speech to 400 people at Majestic Theatre.

If you drive or bike Dr. King’s journey, be sure to:

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