The Heart of Texas Hospitality: Embracing Tourism in Fort Worth 


Fort Worth, Texas, known for its blend of western heritage and contemporary charm, is a growing hub for tourism and hospitality. As the city continues to expand, it is important to recognize and embrace the vital role that hospitality and tourism play in the local economy and cultural landscape. 


The Economic Impact of Tourism and Hospitality in Fort Worth 


For the first time, tourism’s total economic impact exceeded $3 billion in fiscal year 2022. A record 10.8 million visitors experienced Fort Worth last year, and direct visitor spending increased 25% for the second consecutive year. The 31,000 jobs supported by tourism would fill Dickies Arena twice, making hospitality one of our leading industries. 


Visitor spending in 2022 generated $125 million in local tax revenues. Without tourism, the average Fort Worth homeowner would need to pay an additional $709 in property taxes to make up the difference. 


As Fort Worth attracts more tourists, the industry’s growth creates job opportunities for locals, drives business for establishments such as hotels, restaurants and retail shops and bolsters the city's reputation as a desirable destination. 



Cultural Enrichment Through Tourism 


With a rich history as a trading post for cowboys and a gateway to the West, Fort Worth's heritage is beautifully showcased in its museums, galleries and historical sites. Tourists visiting the city not only contribute to the economy, but they also become ambassadors of Fort Worth's culture, spreading the word about the city's attractions and encouraging even more visitors to experience its charm. 



Our visitor economy thrives because of three things. 


First, our people. It’s the dedicated workers in our hotels, restaurants and attractions who serve visitors every day. It’s the people who make our city vibrant: athletes, artists, musicians, chefs, filmmakers and innovators who can envision the future of our city and work to make it a thriving urban setting. 


From Hispanic Heritage Month, Ms. Opal’s Juneteenth Walk, the Japanese Festivals, new music festivals and cowboy gatherings, we continue to work across our community to share the Fort Worth welcome with all. 


Second, our places. Innovative, modern spaces that still strive to preserve Fort Worth’s history have drawn the attention of trend-setters and award committees from all over the world. From the Cultural District to East Fort Worth, from the Historic Stockyards to the Convention Center, there are always new, unexpected places to explore in Fort Worth. 


Finally, our experiences, which capture the imagination of all who visit. Festivals celebrating music, heritage, food and wine, thrilling sports events at Dickies Arena, rich cultural exploration at one of our world-class museums and some of the best nightlife and entertainment options in the nation all contribute to the elevated hospitality you’ll find in Fort Worth. 


The cultural exchange that occurs through tourism enriches both visitors and residents, fostering a sense of pride in Fort Worth's unique history and offerings. Embracing and investing in these industries will ensure the continued growth and success of Fort Worth, solidifying its status as a must-visit destination in the Lone Star State.