Shandys (or radlers) originated in Europe, with versions dating back to the 1850s in England and the 1950s in Germany. Like many tasty traditions, this mix of beer and ginger ale or lemonade most likely stemmed from necessity.  The story goes that a Bavarian tavern owner was running low on beer and had overstock of lemonade, to which I think you can figure out the rest. This refreshing mix has gained mild popularity in the states in recent years.

This month I put a Tejano twist on this tradition with two drinks perfect for sipping out on the patio. Watch a step-by-step YouTube video here.

Agua Fresca Shandy

1 part lager (such as Hop Fusion’s Tejano Lager)
1 part cucumber-lime agua fresca (recipe below)
Chile salt to rim (such as Halo del Santo or Tajín)
Lime and cucumber to garnish

Salt rim of serving glass with preferred chile salt. Combine equal parts lager and cucumber-lime agua fresca in serving glass, garnish and serve.

Summer Shandy WERO

For Cucumber-Lime Agua Fresca

1 cucumber
4 limes
2 cups water
¼ cup sugar

Process: Place two cups of water into a blender. Using a vegetable peeler or mandoline, cut several thin strips of cucumber and place them in water for later use as garnish. Chop the remainder of the cucumber and place it in the blender.

Juice the four limes into the blender. Add sugar and blend. Using a fine mesh, strain the mixture into a storage container. Discard solids. Chill agua fresca until ready for use.

IPA Island Shandy

1 part IPA (like Panther Island Brewing’s Mandarina Bavaria Gazacca)
1 part grapefruit soda (such as Ting! Pink Grapefruit Or Jarritos Toronja)
2 tablespoons fresh grapefruit juice
Fresh basil, grapefruit peel and fruit to garnish

Combine equal parts IPA and grapefruit soda in serving glass. Add two tablespoons of fresh grapefruit juice and stir. Garnish with basil, grapefruit peel and serve.

Summer Shandy WERO