“A picture is worth 1,000 words.”  Looking to capture unforgettable memories and moments in Fort Worth? Below is a roundup of some great, local photographers who can help make that possible. Please contact the photographers directly to learn more about rates and availability.

Gregory Beck

Email or 817.343.1930 | View My Portfolio

Hello, my name is Gregory A. Beck. I'm a director/cinematographer/photographer in Fort Worth. I have extensive production experience in those fields along with strong experience in still photography and post production. In 2003 I started Two Trees Productions, LLC. My specialty is as a filmmaker/director of documentary and narrative film. I'm also an accomplished cinematographer. I bring to the table a solid understanding of shooting in natural or "given" lighting situations. I pride myself in being an ego-void collaborator interested in providing the projects I'm working on with the highest caliber of professionalism and passion for capturing the moving image.

Specialty: Professional, Creative or Actors Headshots, Candid/Journalistic Coverage, Studio or Outdoor Fashion, Art Photography, Cinematography


Holden Foster

Email or 817.713.6893 | View My Portfolio

I'm originally from Arlington. I graduated from UNT with a degree in film. I love the challenge of taking great photos without relying on expensive gizmos. My style is neo-classic in approach using continuous lighting and retro-themed cameras from Fujifilm. My goal is to make images feel filmic and natural. When I'm not taking photos, I work as a videographer and camera assistant. In 2020 (right before COVID-19 hit) I started a social media marketing company, PRIME, with my partner Madi Calhoun. We specialize in giving North Texas small businesses a sturdy look, web integration and community engagement all at an affordable rate. When I'm not working, I am doodling for Mel.T.Face, editing a short film project, injecting caffeine into my veins or making music on my laptop.

Specialty:  Portrait, Architecture, Product, Street



Dalila Martinez

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My name is Dalila Martinez. I am a Latina born and raised in Fort Worth. For me, photography is such a precious tool. I didn’t get the opportunity to meet my grandmothers, and my grandfathers also passed when I was young. I don’t know much about their life; I only get to listen to stories my parents share. What I do have is a few pictures of them that I cherish so dearly. With photography you capture a moment and gift it to your future generations. Photography captures the essence and the memory of what once was and what will forever be in my heart. This is why I practice photography so that others can gift their memories to the coming generations, too.

Specialty: I specialize in outdoor portraits, but I also love to do other types of photography


William McCarthy

Email or 817.733.9610 | View My Portfolio

My addiction to digital and film photography started at a very young age. My main subject with photography is candid portraits on 35mm film. I've always taken pleasure in capturing a moment in time that people long to revisit throughout life. It's important to me that I capture the true essence of a valuable moment in someone's life. 

Specialty:  Public events, concerts, and portraits


Finn Ozaeta

Email or 978.335.0976 | View My Portfolio

I am a cinematographer, photographer and editor from Fort Worth. Whether illustrating short stories as a child or shooting videos with friends while in high school, telling narratives in visual ways has always been my passion. As a film and television major at the Savannah College of Art and Design, I discovered my drive for collaborating with directors to help translate their stories from script to screen. Through my Fort Worth-based pieces, I have highlighted the art and charitable work of the people in my city, telling important and inspiring stories that may not have been heard otherwise. My work has been screened at film festivals, charity events, and even featured on television, and I am always looking for opportunities to expand my visual storytelling abilities.

Specialty:  Portrait and Event Photography