Cowboy Houdini is one of the newest steers you can see at the Fort Worth Herd's twice-daily cattle drives. He just joined the Fort Worth Herd on November 9, 2022, but is already finding his place in the Stockyards. Get to know more about him!


Total horn: 8’1”

15.5” diameter

Tip To Tip: 6’2”

Favorite activities: 

Joined FWH: 11/9/22

Donated by: Braylin Miller

Coloring:  White with blue roan sides & head, black ears, eyes, nose & legs.


One fine September day in 2016, a beautiful surprise was found nestled in the lush green grass on Cow Creek Ranch near Coleman, Texas.  When he was discovered by the ranch family, deep in the mesquite woods near the original 1884 homestead, his dam had him all cleaned up and ready for the big world.  With black ears, blue roan speckles, and white highlights, he was one of the most handsome little calves on Cow Creek.  

At branding time, the longhorn herd was rounded up and driven to the ranch headquarters for the usual vaccinations, branding, and to become registered stock.  As the cute little blue roan calf was getting halter broke, he displayed the gentleness of both of his parents, plus a little sass to boot.  Each morning, the clever calf was found without his rope training halter. To the surprise of his owners one early morning, they found him in his pen working his “magic” to remove his halter.  The young calf would carefully place his back foot on top of the back of his head and run a toe under the rope and then work the rope halter off, over the top of his head.  With his success, he would run and buck around his dam with such happiness that it was a moment of laughter for those who witnessed his creative character.  From then on, he was called, “Cowboy Houdini”. 

Cowboy Houdini’s pedigree traces back to all seven Texas longhorn foundation herds.  His sire, PLR Deacon, is a multi-time champion and his dam, Bayou Wind, is one of the favorite friendly cows at the old ranch, and she is a champion producer herself.