Are you cutting back on red meat? Or maybe you've got that vegan cousin coming into town? If you're thinking that all you're going to get is a sad little Boca burger patty, you're mistaken. Here's a list of must-try, non-beef burgers in Fort Worth. 

Fred's Texas Café

The meaty portobella mushroom burger with all the traditional Fredburger trimmings may leave your taste buds confused. 


Shaw's Patio Bar & Grill

With almost 20 burger variations to choose from, Shaw's is a tasty stop for burger lovers. Substitute any  beef patty for a Chipotle Black Bean patty or turkey patty. They also offer a meatless option, the Portobello. 


Spiral Diner

Fort Worth's original vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free/organic restaurant may have cornered the market on veggie burgers. You have a choice of a classic veggie burger patty, a quinoa-cashew burger, or a whole marinated, grilled portabella mushroom cap. With the homemade "bacon" and "cheese" on the burger, you might not even miss the meat.


Dutch's Hamburgers

The bacon swiss mushroom or chicken & roasted green chile are two delicious options at this TCU campus staple. Tuna and turkey melts are also available.  



The Impossible burger is truly that - impossible to finish. Made entirely of plants, this meatless burger is topped with cheddar, sassy sauce, lettuce, tomato and white onion. Yum!


Rodeo Goat

A non-beef  lovers dream come true, Rodeo Goat serves all their burgers with option of a red & brown quinoa patty, a veggie patty and a turkey or chicken patty. No need to only order the Redheaded Stranger or Chicken burger, order up the Oh Whitney or Olivia Darling. 


Magnolia Motor Lounge

This bumping nightlife venue touts a tasty menu. All burgers are available as lettuce wraps, bun free or with a veggie patty. They serve up a mean turkey club as well!