Fort Worth is known as Cowtown and our standards are high when it comes to beef. So where’s the best place to get a burger? Saddle up for this guide to Fort Worth's burger scene.

B&B Butchers

The beef in all three of their burgers, including the Truffle burger with house-made three onion jam and truffle butter, is aged on site. If you’re feeling a little more traditional, the Butcher Shop burger is a glorious combo of white cheddar and Applewood-smoked bacon on top of the patty.


Charley’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers

The little shop on Granbury Road has been serving burgers, onion rings and tater tots for two generations. Try the Project X (tabasco cooked into the patty, which is topped with jalapeños, onions and a generous slab of cheddar cheese).


Dutch's Legendary Hamburgers

There’s no hyperbole at Dutch’s Legendary Hamburgers. Your choice of one of a dozen burgers comes on a soft, slightly sweet fresh bakery roll. The avocado spread on the Texana burger adds a fresh touch. And although it’s not traditional (and it’s a little messy to eat), the Country Fried Dutch, a beer-battered beef patty smothered in tasty white gravy on sourdough toast, is great for a cheat day.


Fred’s Texas Café

Fred's has a new location, but the burgers are the same old classics. I’m a fan of the Fred Melt: a classic patty melt with American cheese in between thick slabs of grilled Texas toast. If you’re feeling adventurous, the Serrano burger has peppers mixed into the meat, and comes topped with grilled onions, Oaxaca cheese and lime mayo.


Hooker's Grill

If you’re stomping around the Stockyards, Hookers Grill is a great stop when you're feeling hungry. Menu choices are pretty spare – single or double patty (or steak burger); fried or raw onions, and a few more exotic topping choices, like a fried egg, bacon, cheese or jalapeños. But that tiny patio stays crowded for a reason!



Hopdoddy offers freshly baked buns, hormone-free beef and a killer happy hour special where their sublime parmesan truffle fries are a steal. For sheer variety, the Austin-based chain’s 13 burgers pretty much take the cake. Try the Elvis burger (Applewood-smoked bacon, IPA-infused peanut butter, Tillamook cheddar, and banana on your Angus patty). 


Kincaid’s Hamburgers

Kincaid's began as a grocery store with a meat market in the 40s, and the burger shop remains as a link to Fort Worth’s past. There’s nothing fancy here, just half-pound burgers that you can fancy up “Cowtown style” (with grilled onions and jalapeños).


M&O Station Grill

M&O offers a dozen burgers and each one sounds better than the last. The little restaurant in The Foundry District has been slinging burgers in a diner-like setting for two decades. After your meal, be sure to explore the museum next door dedicated to the bygone Fort Worth department store, Leonard's.


Rodeo Goat

For quantity, Rodeo Goat’s menu wins the burger wars, with 21 exotic burgers including veggie and chicken. The Red Headed Stranger Quinoa burger is exceptionally tasty with its little dollop of spinach mayo. I like the Sugar Burger – candied bacon, grilled peaches, and a spicy-sweet jalapeño jam. There’s also the unique-to-Fort-Worth Cowboy Murrin (BBQ sauce, jalapeños and a bunch of other stuff) named for everyone’s favorite Northside legend.


Shaw's Patio Bar & Grill

With 20 burgers on the menu Shaw’s Patio Bar & Grill gives Rodeo Goat a run for their money. I’m a fan of the Memphis burger, with creamy, crunchy coleslaw, Jack cheese, pickles and a sweet tang of BBQ sauce.


Swiss Pastry Shop

You might know it as the home of the Black Forest Uncake, but Swiss Pastry Shop is also home to some amazing burgers. Beef from Japanese Akaushi cattle raised in Texas has a higher percentage of monounsaturated fat (as opposed to saturated fat usually found in beef) and is higher in oleic acid – the heart-healthy chemical found in products like olive oil. So enjoy that EIEIO burger (with bacon, cheddar, and a fried egg) safe in the knowledge that you’re consuming a better red meat!


Little Red Wasp

Little Red Wasp is the younger sister to Grace. There’s only one burger on the menu, but it’s a delicious goopy mess of sharp cheddar cheese and Wasp sauce cradled between fluffy potato buns.


Capital Grille

While The Capitol Grille only offers one true burger on the menu, a decadently luxurious blend of ground brisket, short rib, and chuck topped with cheddar. The Lobster and Crab burger is also worthy of inclusion.


Magnolia & More

Magnolia Ave. is home to three restaurants that don’t specifically feature burgers, but have a pause-worthy patty or two on the menu. Lilli’s Bistro, its cousin The Lazy Moose (co-owned by the owners of Lilli’s and Shaw’s) and Cat City Grill are all worth a visit.