Last month, Hear Fort Worth, the official music office of Visit Fort Worth, hosted an event of local music at AMERICANAFEST Music Festival in Nashville, one of the nation’s premier music festivals.  


This was an incredible event with over 350 people attending to hear to the sounds of the Modern West. It was the third year for Visit Fort Worth to participate as part of an ongoing initiative to elevate Fort Worth’s image through music and support the creative community. 


Hear Fort Worth invited 10 Fort Worth-based artists to perform. Be sure to check them out! 



This musician, producer and multi-instrumentalist uses his deep Texas roots as inspiration. His sixth solo album, Yesterday’s News, brings his signature sounds that blend country, pop music and jazz. When he’s not touring in far-flung locales like Sweden and Australia, he calls Fort Worth, Texas home. 



Since the release of her 2021 LP Bad Romantic, Fort Worth-based singer/songwriter Summer Dean has gained momentum with her songs about happiness and heartache. Her new album, The Biggest Life, is the best example yet of her ability to portray honesty and vulnerability through raw, passionate lyrics. 



The Texas-born singer, songwriter and guitarist is a straight shooter whose music combines the spirits of country, rock’n’roll and Americana. He brings to the stage his love of storytelling, performing songs that never back away from hard truths. 



Jack is a folk and Americana singer/songwriter from Fort Worth, Texas. The 15-year-old’s original songs are inspired by folk, rock and blues legends. His debut album, Death of a Hummingbird, showcases the musician’s talent for writing soulful music and lyrics that get at the heart of storytelling and emotionality. 



Tedder has long called Fort Worth, Texas home. Country roots were ever present, but blues called him out at a young age and the road home was long. Lauded as a guitar man since he was a boy, Tedder now feeds his true calling as a honky-tonk wordsmith. His debut solo album, I Can Dream You, is out now. 



September Moon is a Texas-based band that can only be described as multi-taskers. Led by a husband-wife duo, the band impresses audiences with alternating lead vocals, three-part harmonies and melodies perfect for dancing. Their star is on the rise as one of the most exciting new acts in North Texas. 



Jacob Furr is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music educator from Texas. Beginning in 2008 with his album, The Only Road, Furr has been releasing albums of thoughtful, well-crafted songs. His latest album, Turning, was released earlier this month. Furr can be found playing solo or with the members of his band on stages across the county. 



Though he grew up writing and touring the country with bands of the punk rock variety, Smith’s music has matured into a soulful study of the human experience. Poison Summer, his most recent album, will engage audiences with vibey sounds and a deep look at raw truths. 



Keegan McInroe is a writer, musician and international touring artist based in Fort Worth. Keegan’s influences vary from folk, country and the blues to create an original and evolving tapestry of lyric-driven American roots music. His new album, Agnes, will be released this month.  



Representing the solo work of Fort Worth-based musician Austin Cox, Desert Folk pieces together a unique tapestry of the genres he loves. Cox weaves melancholy lyricism and soulful melodies that are sure to resonate with the heart of the silent majority. Influenced by the rugged Permian Basin of West Texas he once called home, Cox channels the essence of his West Texas upbringing into each song he composes. 


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