Performing Arts Medicine & Physical Medicine Rehab Specialist 

UNT Health Sciences Center 

Filmmaker: Ben Garrett


Dr. Yein Lee hails from the UNT Health Sciences Center in a department that, she says “nobody really knows we exist.” As a physician for performing artists, Dr. Lee’s job is a worthy endeavor, though perhaps not always the easiest considering the toll a musician’s lifestyle can take on their body. But the moxie Dr. Lee shows in her profession helps Fort Worth musicians have a better, healthier quality of life. And that strikes a chord in all of us. 


Rapid-fire Q&A with Yein: 

What is your title and place of employment?  

Associate Professor, UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth 


What are your favorite Fort Worth restaurants?  

Hatsuyuki, Don Artemio, B&B Butchers, Waters Restaurant 


What is your favorite place to take visitors in Fort Worth?  

The Stockyards and the Kimbell Museum 


What is your favorite place to listen to music in Fort Worth?  

Scat Jazz Lounge in Sundance Square 


What do you think visitors will find unexpected about Fort Worth? 

The kind people, arts and music scene