Hat Shaper 

Jobe’s Hats, La Gran Plaza de Fort Worth 

Filmmaker: ArcPoint Studios 


Jobe is a craftsman, plain and simple. As a “master hatter,” Jobe has shaped hats for rodeo’s most famous stars. Together with his wife Sandra, Jobe used his talents and business savvy to expand his trade from incubator to one of the top retailers in La Gran Plaza de Fort Worth. His brand has grown and his unique stylings have changed the hat game. Jobe is living the American dream, a story told with the bend and curve of every hat put in his hands. 


Rapid-fire Q&A with Jobe: 

What is your title and place of employment?  

Owner, Jobe’s Hats  


What are your favorite Fort Worth restaurants?  

Pollos El Canelo, El Borrego de Oro, Los Chivos de Oro 


What is your favorite place to take visitors in Fort Worth?  

The Stockyards 


What is your favorite place to enjoy the outdoors in Fort Worth?  

Fort Worth Botanic Garden 


What is your favorite place to listen to music in Fort Worth?  

La Gran Plaza de Fort Worth 


What do you think visitors will find unexpected about Fort Worth? 

The diversity of its people and the western traditions.