Lorena Leigh  

Singer + Songwriter 

Filmmaker: Nametag Films 


What do you think of when you think of Cowgirl Mermaids? Never heard of one before? Well, that’s just Lorena Leigh’s style. 

The creative singer and songwriter found the spirit of her style in Fort Worth: a Cowgirl Mermaid. It’s the whimsical, fun, soulful and out of the box delight she wants her audiences to experience when they listen to her music. An amalgamation that, inexplicably and yet perfectly, describes Lorena Leigh. 


Rapid-fire Q&A with Lorena: 

What is your title and place of employment?  

Singer-Songwriter/Producer. Self-employed freelancer via Lorena Leigh Music 


What are your favorite Fort Worth restaurants?  

Sikhay Thai, King Tut, HopDoddy, Lonesome Dove, Snooze… & Melt Ice Cream for dessert!  


What is your favorite place to take visitors in Fort Worth?  

The Stockyards, Water Gardens, Race Street in Riverside, Trails along the Trinity River, Panther island Pavilion when there are events. 


What is your favorite place to enjoy the outdoors in Fort Worth?  

Trinity River Trail in Riverside 


What is your favorite place to listen to music in Fort Worth?  

THE POST!!! Honorable Mentions: Cicada, Panther Island, Sundance Square (I love the jazz nights). 


What do you think visitors will find unexpected about Fort Worth? 

Fort Worth is an underdog right now. I don't think the average visitor realizes how creative & diverse Fort Worth is... how much there is to do, see and experience. No matter their background, the people of Fort Worth tend to be very down to earth, warm and welcoming while also being city-savvy and metropolitan. The culture here is unlike any other in Texas or the world. The only way to really understand what Cowtown is all about is for someone to come and experience the spirit of Fort Worth for themselves.