Looking to spruce up your boot collection? Here are the top places in Fort Worth to buy cowboy boots. 




If Ariat is good enough for the Fort Worth-based Texas Rattlers PBR Team, they're good enough for anyone. You can find Ariat in boot stores across Fort Worth, but the Brand Store in Mule Alley is our pick for the best place to shop.

Fincher’s White Front Western Wear

You’ve seen the two-story building with the statue of the chestnut horse in the Stockyards. Over the last century, only two families have owned this 120-year old enterprise where you can buy boots, clothes, souvenirs and riding equipment. 

Justin Boot Outlet

Justin Boots has been the standard in Fort Worth for a long time; their headquarters moved here almost 100 years ago. One of the magical things about the outlet store in Near Southside is the deals on popular styles. It’s possible to find a pair for nights out or put your kid in a pair and not break the bank. You can also find amazing prices on one-of-a-kind boots made with unusual materials.

Lazy J Ranch Wear

Lazy J Ranch Wear has an eclectic collection of boots, jeans, pearl snap shirts, hoodies and other gear you’ll need to cowboy up. Lazy J is great if you need to gather up a western ensemble in a hurry.

M. L. Leddy’s

Since 1941, this shop in the Fort Worth Stockyards has been a fixture for handmade boots, saddles and western clothing. Leddy’s has some of the most intricate and ready-to-wear boots around, not to mention the Saddle Shop, which makes beautiful saddles that will last a lifetime.

Maverick Western Wear

This store has everything you never knew you needed. The boots are not custom, but beautiful nonetheless. You’ll also find booties and a varied selection of clothing to accessorize your new boots.

Morris Boot Company

If you want to have a bespoke, made-to-fit-only-you boot, look no further. You choose the material and design at the little shop across from Dickies Arena. The nice folks who design the boots want to remind you that, if you want custom boots as a holiday gift, you’re running out of time.

Lucchese Boots

The luxury boot brand has two locations in the Fort Worth Stockyards. The storefront in Mule Alley sells a selection of chic western clothes and accessories in addition to the boots while the Hotel Drover pop-up focuses exclusively on footwear.

Ponder Boot Company

They don’t have stock items or a sale rack, but the 50-year old company does have experts who will coach you through the concept and design of your one-of-a-kind pair of boots.

Ramblin Trails Custom Boots

If you want a custom look but you’re running a little short on time, Ramblin Trails has partially completed stock boots. You still get to choose the heel and toe.

Rod Patrick Bootmakers

Whether you want the convenience of a high-quality boot that’s off-the-shelf ready or want to design your boots from heels to uppers, check out the exotic materials at the storefront on 6th Street. As a bonus, if your boots need to be resoled, they can help with that, too.


Time-honored craftsmanship, rich materials that last, and traditional styling that always looks good are what define the Tecovas brand. Try on your pair at the brick-and-morter location in the Fort Worth Stockyards. 

All About the Fit

Last year we asked our friends at Justin Boot Company for some advice about fitting your boots. Justin Boots is known for the classic round-toed roper boot but they make everything from snip toe to wide toe boots. The heel should slip up about half an inch when new, and this will diminish with time. The boot should hug the front of your foot and the ball of your foot, “like a good solid handshake.”