The Fort Worth Herd Drovers don’t just work in Stockyards; it’s where they spend their time off. 

If you’ve visited the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District, you’ve probably watched the Fort Worth Herd drovers driving longhorn cattle up East Exchange Avenue. And when they’re not doing that, you’ve likely seen them sitting on horseback talking with visitors. You may have even seen them cleaning the cattle pen behind the Livestock Exchange Building or attended one of the free educational programs. But after the workday is done, these cowboys and cowgirls head out. Here are a few of the drovers' favorite places in Cowtown to hang out at. 


“I really enjoy the rodeo that they have in Cowtown Coliseum every Friday and Saturday night year-round,” said Drover Lane Hopper, who is all smiles as he shares how passionate he is about doing fun things with his two-year-old daughter. “I enjoy the views of the Trinity River and all the family activities that we get to do.”

Jose Hernandez, who represents the Mexican vaquero, says from time to time he likes to hang out in the Stockyards after work or on a day off so that he can indulge in one of his favorite pastimes, eating.

“I really enjoy the food around here, and since I actually do have cooking experience in the kitchen [working as a chef for many years], food has always been interesting to me,” Hernandez said. “Learning to cook out in the country and on ranches, with different types of animals, has always been fun. So, when I come out to the Stockyards, three of my favorite restaurants are H3 Ranch, because of its history, Riscky’s Steakhouse and Hooker’s Grill, which is a pretty good burger place.”   

Drover Bobby Missildine loves frequenting the Stockyards, even after he clocks out at work.

Drover Bobby Missildine and his better half, Susie, absolutely love frequenting the Stockyards, even after he clocks out at work and on his days off.

“We go to the rodeo and out to eat and sometimes just sit and watch all the people,” Missildine said. “We'll also visit the stores to look at boots and clothes, and then go to the Trailboss Burgers for a great milkshake. We really enjoy the atmosphere in the Stockyards. It’s peaceful but has a lot to see in such a small area."

Missildine and his wife take dance lessons on West Exchange Avenue and frequently go out dancing to live bands at the local honky-tonks. The pair also enjoys watching the bands perform in the grassy area in front of the Livestock Exchange Building on the weekends. The Trading Post in the Stockyards, where they meet for lunch every Sunday, is another fan favorite of theirs as well as watching the 4 p.m. cattle drive at least once a week.

Drover Levi Copeland is another fan of the rodeos held weekly at Cowtown Coliseum, which is next door to the Livestock Exchange Building.

“I enjoy bringing my family sometimes just to watch, to look at all the livestock and the horses,” Copeland said. 

The Fort Worth Herd Drovers have an immense appreciation for the Stockyards and all that it has to offer.


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