Trinity Trails

See the entire "Painting the River: A Trinity Trails Mural Gallery"  here.

The Trinity Residences | 1701 Rogers Road
Artist Unknown

Trinity Art Court | 2401 University Drive
UNO (@UnoDesign10)

River District | Trinity Trails
Jimmy Joe Jenkins 

"Trailing the Trinity" & "Oxbow Traces"
Clearfork Main Street Bridge
Artist: Devin Nowlin and Tommy Fitzpatrick

Trinity Trails | Panther Island Pavilion
Artist: UNO (@unodesign10)

Trinity Art Court
Trinity Park | 2289 River Dr
Artists: Arnoldo Hurtado, Noel Viramontes and Ricky Cotto

Texas Trail Buds
Westworth Village south of White Settlement Road
Artist: Chris Bingham (@chrisbinghamart)