The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is rarely more in “focus” than when it’s staging its acclaimed FOCUS series.  Assembled by the museum and its highly esteemed curator, Andrea Karnes, each FOCUS exhibition lasers in on the work of a single contemporary artist.

There are only a few more weeks left to check out the currently running exhibition of the work of the London-born artist, Terry Haggerty. What’s immediately and intrinsically fresh about these shows is that they are able, often, to draw on an artist’s brand new works.

For the FOCUS on Haggerty, patrons will get a chance to delve into his particular way with abstraction where large-scale works retain a tantalizingly illusory quality. One of the artist’s most tried-and-true stylistic techniques is to use a series of patterned lines, which toggle back and forth between dark and light colors. These colors tend to juxtapose against themselves, playing off their respective shades, in a shadow dance that seems to make them move forward and recede in the work. Haggerty will also whimsically shift the direction of his patented lines, sending them careening towards a canvas’ outermost border or shifting their direction right at the center of his often wall-occupying works.

As for the visual texture of Haggerty’s work, FOCUS reveals it to be the product of multiple layers of paint, which, in turn, produce an overall surface by turns fluid and sleek. The combination of Haggerty’s textural approach, the paint color, and the line patterns of his works actually combine to re-shape the entire work so that simple, linear, painted stripes suddenly become strikingly bold in color, and undulating in movement. In short, they come alive.

The details: FOCUS: Terry Haggerty presented by the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Through January 5, 2014. Exhibition is open to the public and is included in the $10 general adult admission cost ($4 for seniors and students with i.d.). The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, 3200 Darnell Street, Fort Worth. More information: 817-738-9215;

Focus Terry Haggerty