Texas Civil War Museum

  • 760 N. Jim Wright Freeway
  • Fort Worth, TX 76108-1222
  • Region: West
  • (817) 246-2323
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The largest Civil War museum west of the Mississippi River features weapons, uniforms, artifacts and civilian clothing from the Civil War. Its 75-seat theater shows videos about Texas's involvement in the Civil War. Don't miss the Judy Richey Victorian Dress Collection, which features more than 200 dresses. The Magnolia Mercantile gift shop showcases specialty items related to the Civil War and Victorian era.

Don Barnhart, Jr. “ Battle of Cabin Creek” The Cabin Creek Battlefield is the site of two important engagements between Union and Confederate forces in Indian Territory in 1863 and 1864. It is located... More

Cynthia L. Harriman “Battlefield Medicine” At the beginning of the War Between the States medical care was crude and undeveloped. As during any war, huge advancements were made with the introductions... More

Company E, 15th Texas Cavalry Living History on the front lawn Are you hot in those wool uniforms? Life of the soldier will be presented from 10:00 to 4:00. Throughout the day, soldiers will drill,... More