Fort Worth Music Focus Group

We look forward to your upcoming focus group on Fort Worth’s music scene. Here are five things you need to know before your session:

1.  Fort Worth welcomes more than 9 million visitors each year. Half are day-trippers. We believe music is an essential part of the nighttime economy that encourages visitors to stay longer.

2.  A robust music economy can engage people across many divides: geographic, socio-economic, race & gender.

3.  Our music study is conducted by Sound Diplomacy, a consultancy that’s worked with cities from London and Liverpool to Huntsville, Alabama and New Orleans. 

4.  You are participating in one of a dozen focus groups, including sessions for musicians, producers, venue owners, educators, developers and more.

5.  Fort Worth was recognized as the first certified music-friendly city by the Governor’s Texas Music Office. Our Hear Fort Worth initiative awards travel grants to help export the sounds of our city.